If you’re thinking to plant trees around your property but aren’t certain if the expense and time involved are worthwhile and you’re not aware of the numerous ways trees can enhance the quality of your life. Trees will not only improve the appearance of your home, but will also make it more attractive, but provide you with many unexpected economic and lifestyle benefits. Here are the top six benefits of planting trees around your property:

1) Muffles Noise

If you live along a busy highway or an urban area with lots of noise trees can help you feel calmer by blocking out the noise. Because they are natural sound barriers trees can reduce noise, and make your home be more tranquil and peaceful. Many homeowners have found that a noise barrier made of trees can also help homeowners to relax in their backyard in a greater way, as they are able to enjoy their yard without the stress and distraction of the noise of the streets.

2) Cools Your Home in Summer

The trees you plant near your house can provide natural cooling and shade. Since trees prevent excessive sunlight and heat from getting in, your property might realize that you don’t need to use air conditioning as much during the summer heat. In reality, shade trees can lower the cost of air conditioning by 15 to 50% per year.

A tree or a shrub in a spot in which it will shade and shield your air conditioning unit can give you additional advantages. It is due to the fact that air conditioners that are shielded from heat and sun tend to operate more efficiently than those which are totally subject to weather conditions.

3) Helps Reduce Flooding Risk

A house or basement that’s flooded could quickly become an expensive, lengthy ordeal. It is best to be proactive in finding ways to decrease the chance of your home flooding on rainy days. One approach is by planting trees around your home.

Trees can decrease the possibility of flooding through the creation of an obstacle between your home and water that is encroaching on your property. Furthermore, the tree’s roots absorb large amounts of water, allowing the space for rainwater to flow outside the walls of your home.

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4) Increase Appeal to Home Buyers

If you’re looking to sell your home at some point, planting trees today can be beneficial later on. Homebuyers tend to prefer homes with beautiful landscapes and trees more attractive than those that have a barren yard. In reality, landscaping and trees could increase the value of your home by up to 20 percent.

5) Trees Can Increase Cognitive Function

Studies have proven that being in close proximity to nature such as trees can enhance cognitive functioning. This effect appears to be particularly significant for children. In the same way, being in nature has been proven to lower anxiety, boost energy and boost immune systems. If your kids suffer from ADHD and are prone to hyperactivity, being in the woods with trees could make their symptoms less noticeable.

If you plant trees in your yard, there is no need to venture all through a forest to hike to enjoy the mental and physical benefits. Instead, you and your loved ones are able to relax relaxing in your backyard, and soak up the health-enhancing and stress-busting benefits of trees.

6) Keep You Toasty in Winter

In winter, the trees around your house can act as a strong windshield, preventing the cold winter air from entering your home. You might find that you don’t have to turn your heat up as much in the presence of trees and could mean lower energy costs throughout winter.

If you plant trees on your property and around your home, you and your family can enjoy these benefits in many years to be. Get in touch with an arborist for more details.


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