Do you consider the possibility of planting a tree in your yard but you’re not sure if it is the right option or not?

Read this article carefully as you’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of installing a tree in your garden.


1.) Trees can offer additional shade

The benefit of having a tree in your backyard is that it will provide you with shade. Particularly in summer when it gets really hot, and you might wish to relax in your backyard, but away from direct sunlight. In this case, the idea of planting trees in your garden is a great idea as you’ll be able to find diverse shady places to sit.

You will not only be more relaxed sitting in shade, as opposed to full sun, you’ll also be protected from sunburn. This means that you’ll also be less likely to develop skin cancer or any other ailments caused by excessive sun exposure.

2.) The trees in your yard could reduce your electric bill

As your trees will provide shade to your yard, it is likely that you’ll also be spending a lot of hours in the comfortable space during summer. So, there is less reason to turn on your air conditioning at an extreme level because you won’t be spending all day in your home in the daytime.

At night, the temperature will be cooling down naturally which means you don’t need to run your air conditioner at all. This means that your electricity bill will be smaller and you will be able to use the savings to buy other items instead.

3.) Reduced risk of soil erosion

Another benefit of acquiring an ornamental tree is that you’ll be able to reduce the possibility of soil erosion in a natural and organic way.

Tree roots keep the soil in place and soil erosion is less likely when you have sufficient trees around your property. Although this may not be an issue in certain areas, other areas could be at high danger of soil erosion and, depending on the area you reside and the area you live in, getting trees could be beneficial in this respect.

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1.) You must invest some cash in your trees.

The issue that comes with installing trees in your backyard is that you’ll need to put in some cash. Based on the number of trees you would like to purchase and the size of the trees, you’ll need to put in hundreds and even thousands.

If you aren’t planning to plant the trees yourself, then you’ll have to pay employees who will take care of the task for you. So, it’s best to have money in your bank account to ensure you don’t take on the debt of your tree planting project.

2.) Trees can fall during strong winds.

Don’t think that your trees are capable of enduring strong storms or even tornadoes. Although some trees are more resilient to winds than others, every one of them are vulnerable to storms, particularly when they grow in size as the winds will exert more effect on them.

So, your trees could be blown over by strong winds, causing serious damage to your property, or as well as neighbors’ properties.

3.) Problems with insurance

In the event that your trees come and cause damage to the property of other people and cause damage to their property, you could be responsible for the damages and have to make repairs.

If you’re lucky the neighbors of yours could be injured and require to be admitted to the hospital. The costs could be huge and can be devastating financially. So, prior to making the decision to plant trees around your home ensure that you obtain the appropriate insurance coverage to ensure you’re covered in the event in the event of an emergency.


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