In our country, consider your parents already being proud of you if you have cleared a tough exam like JEE or UPSEE andgot admitted to an Engineering college. You must have heard them say a thousand times, how they would love to see you become an engineer one day.And now that you have managed to crack the engineering entrance exam, you have become the ideal daughter/son/student.You will become an inspiration for the other kids in your school and locality until another personcracks one of the engineering entrance exams next year.

Let us first have a look at the reasons why btech colleges and engineering degree are so important in a student’s life: 

Importance of Best B Tech College:

  1. Growth: This coursedemands serious attention, knowledge, skills, and guidance. ABESCollege is one of the best engineering colleges in Ghaziabad for the btech course that provides proper guidance to students,thereby boosting professional and personal growth.
  2. Passion: The effort one makes during the btech degree and how seriously a student takes it, depends on the college. It will make the student follow their passion and achieve success.
  3. Better Life: Independence is what scholars crave for. Being successfully settled and fulfilling their dreams leads to a better life. If you pursue engineering from a decent btech college in Ghaziabad, the one thing that you can be assured of is a better life ahead waiting for you!
  4. Turning Dreams into Reality: Offering what studentsreally deserve and identifying the talent of a candidate is the ultimate motive of btech colleges. If you do this course with dedication, you can easily turn your dreams into reality.

The four years of engineering life are delightful, there is no doubt regarding that. There are no severe guidelines, no parent-mentor gatherings (except if you have done something downright terrible!), no extended class timings and no uncomfortable outfits. The four years of your engineering degree is something that you will remember as long as you can remember and when it is finished, you’ll miss it badly. Regardless of whether you are from east, west, north or south, if you have at any point been to an engineering school, you will effectively relate with these 5 things that happen there. Check whether you think that they are relatable:

  1. College Canteen/Cafeteria

What could be a more fun spot to chill with companions over some espresso than the school canteen? You’ll generally find the tables booked and regardless of whether the menu isn’t engaging, the mood and appeal is supreme. You’ll generally find gatherings of undergraduates talking, singing or bantering over recent concerns in the country. In case you are the canteen caretaker’s top choice, you may even wind up getting free food now and again!

  • Last Minute Preparations

Engineers being probably the laziest animal on earth will save everything for the latest possible second and tests are no special case. That load of classes and talks may fly right by you all through the semester, yet the night prior to the test, you can wind up finishing a 3000-page book. Likewise, you get so used to “accumulations” that tests don’t terrify you any longer.

  • Techno-cultural Fest

When you are in anengineering school, you realize that overabundances and beneficial tests are a piece of your long-term degree course and there’s no way around it except if you go to all classes consistently, take notes and concentrate well. However, tech fests and social fests happening only once in a year and it is the possibly time when you can show your inventiveness like making cool contraptions or hitting the dance floor with your BFFs in school.

  • Internships and Professional Exposure

Most btech college in Ghaziabad offer internship options for their students. It not only helps them in proving their caliber but also give them professional exposure. The college authorities focus on providing the engineering students with ample internships, training programs, seminars, and certification courses to gear them up with skills for performing well in their corporate lives. This is one of the best initiatives taken by btech institutes.

  • Mass Bunks and Night Outs

“Taking from dusk till dawn before tests since contemplating in the first part of the day is too mainstream”. It is the most ideal reason that you can provide for escape for entertainment only filled night outs with pals. Regardless your night out plans are, you’ll without a doubt end it with some chai/espresso in the minuscule slow down close to the school that stays open 24×7. You’ll despise going to certain classes as a result of the exhausting talks, a large portion of which flies right by you. In this way, bunking turns into a daily practice until you get an admonition letter for low participation and understand the bungle you did. Along these lines, the vast majority of the most recent couple of days before tests follow persuading your teacher to permit you sit for the test. Yet, when the tests are finished, you return to bunking, once more!

Since we have talked about the best things about most btech college in Ghaziabad to boost candidate morale, let’s take a look at the top 5 engineering colleges in Ghaziabad to help aspirants with college selection:

  • AKGEC – Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering College
  • ABES Institute of Technology
  • KIET Group of Institutions
  • RKGIT – Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology
  • IMS Engineering College

We wish all the btech aspirants who are going to appear for engineering exams all the best and have a record-breaking success at the competitive exams.


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