When the environment is too small, we find it impossible to choose the decor. However, furnishing large spaces is just as difficult!

If you have a large space to decorate, know that you are a very lucky person! The trend now is to find smaller and well-compressed houses, apartments and even commercial rooms. However, if space is not an issue, then decorating a large house is your new question. How to choose the right furniture and provide comfort to your home? So, first of all, it is necessary to define if the environment will be a unique space or if you want to divide and make more rooms. As a kitchen integrated with the dining room, bookcases, sofas or concrete countertops are ideal for this.

07 tips that will Harmonize and Style your Space:

  • With these tips, the challenge of decorating a large house ceases to exist, as there are some tricks that can make the most of the space you have available. The idea is to lose that strange feeling of emptiness and loneliness. Check out:
  • Use chandeliers – a charming and elegant option, it lights up your environment and still has several styles. If you prefer, you can place the ‘spots’, which are points of light distributed throughout the space.
  • Use bigger objects – choose furniture that takes up more space. For example, the three-seat ‘ Retro Sofa’ is perfect in living rooms as well as larger bedrooms, in addition to having lots of colors.
  • Dare with bold colors – darker tones give a feeling of filling, light reflecting on colors gives a feeling of less amplitude.
  • Fit large windows – they help to enhance the environment, in addition to allowing more light, making it lighter and more airy. To complete, use long curtains and some with a ‘blackout’ effect.
  • Do not discard the rugs – they mark the desired space and can be combined with all objects, not to mention that it makes the look much more beautiful and cozy.
  • Escape from empty walls – set up a gallery, hang pictures, photos, dishes, flowers, pretty much anything you want! Take the opportunity to add a touch of your personality.
  • Use plants and flowers – they’re great in big places, they bring more life to the house and the decorating ideas are endless. But don’t forget that they need water and light to survive.

See large Home Decor ideas for each Room:

Once you’ve decided the intention of your room, that is, what you intend to use it for, and see the tips for decorating a large house, you need to pay attention to the rooms. The living room is the ideal place for bigger even to remove the aspect of loneliness and coldness in the environment. For Emergency Plumbing You can Contact here

Distribute, for example, the ‘Armchair’ thus make it more comfortable. Don’t leave out the cushions, place them on top of the armchairs and achieve a more welcoming and cheerful air. Avoid large mirrors as they give a feeling of spaciousness, which is not indicated. The bedroom, even more so for a couple, tends to be more personal and personalized, so use and abuse your style! Start with the bed and put the one you find most comfortable, ‘king size’ models are welcome.

Bedside tables, wardrobes and even stools like the , next to a dressing table, are lovely! You can even create closets and thus have a space just for your clothes. The dining room is entirely on the table, it can be round or rectangular, you choose, as long as it is large and accommodates as many people as possible. Thus, the place is prone to great occasions.

Big Space vs Small space, What’s the difference in Decorating?

At first, it is recommended that when decorating any room, keep the proportions of measures and finishes, so that nothing is disproportionate, neither too empty nor too crowded with artifacts. In addition to the space itself being different, the idea of ​​decoration it also changes, the first seeks to fill in, while the second seeks to optimize as much as possible. In small places, opt for lighter colors, wider mirrors and more compact furniture.

Totally the opposite of all the tips for bigger spaces, isn’t it? Tell us about the decoration of a big house that you will plan after all these tips and take the opportunity to learn about the various furniture options.


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