Gem Hospital and IVF Centre Bathinda: Whenever the couple fails to conceive with the help of the natural procedure, then they usually opt up to take treatment from the IVF centre in Punjab. The couples who are financially sound usually do not give it a second thought, but those who are having an annual income of fewer than 2 lakhs remain concerned about the test tube baby cost.

And when they somehow manage the money by borrowing it from their relatives or breaking their FDs, then the next concern pops up and that is related to how to choose the right IVF centre in Punjab.

Do you also want to know about it?

Here in this article, we are providing our readers with some of the tips that can help them to find the right IVF centre.

Get referrals from the relatives

The relatives, friends and family members who are very near and dear to us and who never think bad for us. They always refer us to the right fertility specialists. But make sure you are not counting on them on the first go. First of all, you have to prepare the list and then you gotta shortlist the required hospitals from them.

Check the online Reputation

You are required to check the online reputation of the clinic from which you are willing to undergo IVF treatment. Check the social media platforms and the website testimonials to have a better idea of the online reputation.

Meet with the previously treated patient couples

Previously treated couples are the best source to know what kind of treatment the clinic has to offer. You have to make sure that you are only asking the relevant questions to them LIKE:

  • How do the doctors treat it?
  • Do they charge in between once you have paid the cots in the beginning?
  • Do they listen to your queries at any hour of the day?
  • Is the hospital staff always showing a cordial approach?
  • How was your test tube journey?

The success rates of the clinic

Check the success rates of the clinic. Make sure you are judging the same on the relevant factors. Compare the success rates of the various shortlisted hospitals.

Initial consultation

If you are still confused about whether you should be taking treatment from the particular clinic or not, then nothing will help you better than the initial consultation. The initial consultation with the doctor will not only help you to clear your doubts and queries about the procedure but will also provide you with the relevant grounds of which hospital you should be choosing.


Make sure you are going for the initial consultation in all the shortlisted hospitals with some of your family members. The perspective of every member of the family is different, so they can also help you to clear your confusion about which clinic you should be visiting.

Final Comments!

If this guide has helped you in any way then please let us know. We’ll try to publish more such articles for you in the future.


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