Wedding planning is an exciting yet challenging task as well. Since it is a very special day, guests will surely be looking forward to attend it. If you’re the wedding planner or the soon-to-be-wed couple, you need to plan everything well to meet and even exceed the expectations of the guests and make the event a memorable one. There are plenty of things you can do to make a wedding extra special. However, if you’re out of ideas, here are the wedding essentials that should always be present in a wedding for a successful and memorable day.

Choose a Personal Theme

Since it is a special day for a couple, the event should reflect their personality and interest as a pair. One way to do this is to choose a personal theme. While there are plenty of trendy themes out there, it is still best to choose a theme that the couple like – from their interests, hobbies, preferences, and so on. Don’t forget to add unique touches to own the event.

Best Venue

There are plenty of wedding venues to choose from. However, the perfect venue refers is where your guests could settle comfortably and feel good with the ambience and décor. Whether it is in a church, hotel, garden, beach, or anywhere, what matters most is you could make the guests feel comfortable. Don’t forget to personalize it with wedding decorations that suit the theme you’ve chosen.

Wedding Essentials
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Great Food

Aside from the venue, a great menu also makes any event memorable to the guests. This is actually what most of your guests are looking forward to so you should never disappoint them. You could match the food with your theme or you could just create a unique menu that you want to serve the guests. Don’t forget to choose the drinks carefully, seeing to it that it complements the food you’re serving. When looking for a caterer, choose one that has much experience with wedding catering and has great reviews from past customers.

Great Entertainment and Music

Music and entertainment are important in your event to fill in those dull times and keep the guests entertained. When choosing music, since you’ll have guests from different age groups it is best to create a mixed playlist having something for everyone. Don’t forget to plan out some games as fillers or icebreakers during dull times.


Lastly, although it is your special day, it is important that you interact with your guests as well. It could be in a form of small talk after the ceremony, visiting every table and expressing your gratitude for the time they spent in sharing this special day with you and your partner. Although it’s not much, they would surely remember your courtesy for interacting and giving them even just a little dose of attention.

Planning a wedding requires much time, effort, and creativity as well. When you have those basic wedding essentials, you can be sure that your wedding will go the good way.


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