The tobacco industry is becoming concerned with its brand and brand’s identity. To keep up with their identity, there are manufacturers who come with new and innovative ways to present their mod vapes. This is where newvape display boxes come in; these boxes are designed in the most attractive and elegant ways so that your brands could look classy and appealing.

These huge vape and tobacco companies demand custom newvape cart packaging in massive amounts. However, keeping up with their demands could be troublesome if you are relatively new in this industry. Everyone wants to get the best box for their vapes, with premium quality standards. The packaging companies have introduced all-new vape boxes capable of presenting your vape mods in a novel and fantastic way while keeping your product completely safe inside.

Various Types of Newvape Boxes

In this business, you need to cover all the varieties of packaging for newvape cartridges. The most commonly sold vapes and their accessories include encased vape pens, vape juices, vape cartridges, vape oil bottles, and many more. Similarly, custom vape boxes are made to enclose all accessible that you want to offer to your buyers.

At first, you should start with just essential vape boxes; however, as your business grows, you can avail of various containers. These vape boxes can also be made with different materials, primarily three materials. Those materials are Kraft, Cardboard, and corrugated. After these three prime materials, additional coating and add are also used to increase the appeal of your vape box.

Here is a small breakdown of three prime materials.

Kraft Boxes

Kraft material box is lightweight and economical. Furthermore, it is the best material for vape manufacturers if they plan to send their products locally. As kraft is lightweight, its transportation cost becomes very cheap. 


It is known for its rigidness and sturdiness. Cardboard comes in handy when there are hundreds of vapes in bulk quantity. Here Kraft paper becomes the second choice, as cardboard can easily bear the weight of dozens of vapes and can deliver them with absolute safety.  In short, cardboard packaging for newvape cartridges is best for wholesale.


This box lies somewhere in between these boxes. This material is used when manufacturers demand a sturdy box yet appealing box to hold their vape, extra cartridges, tank, and other accessories in a unique package. Boxes made with custom-made product placements are best to represent supreme quality.

Increased Customer Experience through Elegant Newvape Boxes

Custom vape cartridge boxes are relatively easy to incorporate with your packaging and transportation process. These custom boxes are durable, cost-effective, and are able to tell your story from the outside in. With these features by your side, they will help you attract new buyers and kept current shoppers revisiting your brand. Just a bit of extra thoughtfulness and add on can give your consumers a reason to choose your brand.

There is nothing confounded in a vape mod business-like other businesses. However, all you need to do is to add diverse, energetic hues to the custom boxes to make a lovely vape box.

What’s more, the other thing which needs to be focused on is its coatings. So, avail good coatings to make boxes wrap in attractive finishes. However, decent packaging is an impression of a fantastic custom vape box.

So, focus more on the packaging of vapes to increase sales.

The well-designed newvape cartridge packaging will help to increase your customer’s experience in many ways:

  • Will Distinguish your company from other competitors.
  • It will increase the value of your product.
  • Will add an essence of appreciation.
  • Will the buying experience.

In the end, you will have satisfied customers and eventually generate higher revenues. All this by building a loyal brand community.

Ensure Your Newvape Product Safety

Product safety is the most important aspect of encasing your vapes within the box. And why it shouldn’t be? No one wants to receive a broken or damaged vape. Without proper secure packaging, you can’t stand a chance in any market. To ensure your product safety, you have to choose a well-structured box mechanism. With the custom vape boxes, you won’t need to worry about your product at all.

Custom Newvape packaging Help You Build Social Media Presence

In the modernized world of media, out there every company even giants like Cisco and Uber are taking benefit of marketing means. Having a social media presence is very easy for products like apparel, accessories, and vapes. So, opt for wholesale newvape cartridges, which are also proved to be very cost-effective.

Custom Packaging Adds Value to your Newvape Mods

Custom vape cartridge packaging as the name “custom” suggests is built to present your products more beautifully and add more value to them.

The packaging industry is always on the verge of providing something new and different so it is difficult to decide the best newvape cartridge packaging material as all have advantages and disadvantages.

You will still see new packaging ideas available in the market that could amaze your clients. So, you can hire KwickPackaging Company for incorporating those ideas. In this company, the experts utilize exciting packaging techniques to pack your vape mods and present them in the best possible way.

Furthermore, in customization, this company has no limits. From its size, color, and shape to its lamination and coating, you can customize these boxes to their tiniest detail. Don’t let your company lose clients that could be won just over just excellent-looking packaging.

Anyhow with the help of elegantly designed vape boxes, you can bring your product into the spotlight. The customization will add value to your vape mods with an increased appeal. Without these stunning boxes, your clients might start to have second thoughts about your product. However, consistency and dedication can take you through your first 1K sales soon.

Getting to your first 1K sales is not an easy task. However, these well-designed vape boxes can aid you on your way through it. 


Kwick Packaging provide you custom printed packaging boxes that meet industry and product specific needs. We offer free doorstep shipping in all over the US


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