In the era of social media, I’ve noticed a lot of people just copying photos found on Facebook or Instagram. I always try to be creative and find new angles for myself. Getting creative is a natural process for some people, but others need a nudge to do it.

Here are ten tips that can help take more creative shots.

1. Most landscape photography is done with wide-angle optics.

I love wide-angle lenses myself, but trying telephoto and experimenting with long focal lengths of 100-300mm or more is fun. Try Best photography Capturing small details in landscapes. Or try focusing on mountain peaks. Once you start experimenting with telephoto lenses, you will discover a whole new world of photography.

2. Play with movement

The action of clouds, the flow of water. Try to create dynamics in the frame using moving water or clouds. You can do this using a slow shutter speed. For longer exposures, you can apply ND filters. Always experiment with different exposure times when photographing clouds and water.

3. Experiment with the CPL filter

I have been doing landscape photography without a CPL filter for many years. But once you have a filter, you start to see why it can be useful in various cases. It can be especially useful when you need to control the amount of sunlight and reflections from glass and water surfaces. You cannot do these effects in post-processing.

4. When shooting with longer lenses,

Use layers and compression. Landscapes look completely different with long lenses. You can compress foreground and background objects to add depth to your photo.

5. Use light to your advantage.

Light forever changes, important during sunsets and sunrises. Look for objects that look special when exposed to light. That is especially true in the mountains, where clouds and light play around you throughout the day.

6: When shooting at wide angles

get close to your subjects to create more depth in your photos. By “very close,” I mean very close. So close that your lens almost touches the subject in the foreground. It could be a flower, a plant, or something else. You can use combining multiple frames with different focuses to expand the depth of field. Opening a wide aperture will blur objects in the foreground.

7. Use beams from bright objects.

When shooting directly into the sun and closing the aperture down to f / 16 or f / 22, you will see your lens create star-shaped flares. Different lenses have different characteristics. Some lenses create beautiful solar stars, and you can use them in your composition. Position the sun at the edge of the frame, on the horizon, or somewhere else to create an accent. Try experimenting!

8: Shoot and experiment with wide-angle lenses and a fisheye Super zoom lens

By wide-angle, I mean a wider angle than 14mm in the equivalent of a full-frame camera. Photographing at 10mm-12mm or wider produces a fisheye effect, which creates an entirely new perspective of the landscape? This opens up many creative possibilities. Also, in post-processing, you can correct the geometric distortion obtained from the fisheye lens to make the pictures look nicer. Distortion correction techniques are easy to find on the internet. This can be helpful for photography, Capturing very large landscapes.

Dizzying 180-degree frame with distortion correction

Wide-angle frame with “12mm” Fisheye 180-degree lens. Geometry correction eliminates distortion.

9. It is not always worth taking pictures right away.

While walking in nature, look around and imagine how it all would look through the camera. You can also use a smartphone, usually equipped with a wide-angle lens of about 20mm equivalent focal length. This way, you can check to frame.

10. This may seem very obvious, but it is important to train your vision of the scene constantly. 

Look around you and try to see potential compositions in everyday life. It may not seem easy. Being a landscape photographer is very tiring due to the variety of scenes and the need to look for camera angles. If you train your ability to see the frame, you can know in advance what the picture will look like with a particular lens.

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