What is a ghostwriter? A writer who provides content for someone else, often a celebrity or expert in a particular field. Ghostwriters are hired to write books, speeches, and other texts for clients of all backgrounds. In this blog post, I will be going over some tips on how to become a successful ghostwriter. 

What is the process of becoming a ghostwriter? 

To start out as one you need to have writing skills that are unmatched by others and an understanding of the subject matter your client needs help with. You need to have great communication skills so that you can work well with your client while also making sure they get what they want from their project.

Ghost Writers are always in high demand as content is king and almost every industry needs content in bulk. Ghostwriters aren’t just used for random content writing. Many celebrities and companies use them for writing biographies, newsletters, speeches, etc.

1. Know All About Writing First

You’re here because you like to write and want to become the best ghostwriter. You think it’s too tough, too hard, or that you lack the talents. You might be right in some cases; however, what I’m about to teach you will help you become a true ghostwriter if not the best one in your country.

1) More than just English language knowledge is required

I can’t stress this enough but let me try: only knowing English is NOT ENOUGH. Ghostwriting requires more than just good English skills and getting inspired by words. 

One must also be aware of how people talk when they speak their mother tongue AND how people write when they’re writing something in another language than their mother tongue (which happens to be  English). 

For example, if the article is written in American English, then you must know that they use different words to express themselves. You must also know what slang means.

2) Read more than you write

This might seem like very strange advice because who doesn’t like to read? Of course, there are people like this but I’m pretty sure these people don’t want to become ghostwriters. Reading enriches your knowledge and helps you improve yourself; however, it can also help you with becoming a better writer whether for ghostwriting or not. Why? Because reading forces you to learn new words and learn how others write (on the internet or other sources). This way, you’ll be able to understand if their writing makes sense or not. Additionally, it can also help you find new styles and mix them into your own writing style (which is the part where you’re going to become unique!).

3) Know how to write an article

Before we even start talking about ghostwriting, let’s talk about what this job requires:

a) Articles must be written nicely; they should make sense and have a natural flow. The sentences shouldn’t be all over the place and there shouldn’t be any grammatical mistakes (in most cases).

b) At least 1 blog post per week (if you’re a guest writer), otherwise at least 2 articles per month. This might seem very little but let me tell you that if one doesn’t do other things as well, then ghostwriting can become a full-time job (and when people talk about it, they mostly mean high-quality articles, not just stuff that anyone can do).

c) Know how to write an article. One must know what he is supposed to put in his article and what he isn’t supposed to (unless the order specifies otherwise). If you don’t want to make your lives harder for yourselves, then learn how to write in a very basic way.

2. Get Published in Magazines, Newspapers, and Online

Ghostwriters are hired by people interested in having a book of their own written but who lack the time or skills necessary to do it themselves.

Ghostwriting is basically helping someone with their story and you benefit from being able to get paid for your work. For example, if a person has a true story they want to tell then it’s up to you as the ghostwriter to help that person tell their tale. This can be done through interviews and research that will eventually turn into a manuscript for publishing.

In order to get started as a ghostwriter though, there are a few steps that should be taken.

First, you need to decide whether or not ghostwriting is really something you want to do for a living. It’s very important because ghostwriter jobs are usually paid per project instead of hourly wages—which means if the book takes 200 hours to write it will cost more than $20,000. This can be many people’s entire life savings so make sure this is what you want before continuing on with the rest of this article.

So boxers or briefs? You’ve made your decision then? Good! Now it’s time to start writing your first manuscript. Start by looking for a ghostwriting company that you can work for to build up your resume and writing samples. After building up a decent-sized collection of published works, start shopping them around to different companies in order to find the best deal.

3. Write Blog Posts for Other People’s Blogs

Here are 3 steps that you can follow in order to find clients who will offer you money for your brilliant pieces that they can post on their blog!

1. LinkedIn

If you have never heard of LinkedIn before then I suggest getting familiar with it ASAP! This site has millions of professionals who are looking for great writers like yourself.  In order to use LinkedIn as a place to find clients who will pay you, you have to search for potential clients and send them messages which include your rate per word! Of course not everyone is going to accept this offer, but if you are a great writer then people will start noticing and accepting these terms.

2. Networking Sites

There are so many websites out there that it would be impossible for me to name all of them, but here are some ideas: oDesk, Elance, Twitter, Facebook. You can also do Google searches as well as go onto Craigslist. A lot of these sites offer jobs from home as well as other opportunities that can help you become better at what you do! If the job sounds good enough then you should go for it.

3. Online Forums

A lot of people are still wondering how to become a better writer, which is why forums are full of professionals who are willing to take on people with the skill set so the forums can be taught by them! If you have questions, then you can simply ask someone who already knows how to do what they do. These opportunities also give you the chance to build up your work portfolio without taking too much time away from your current job or schooling.

The truth about being a ghostwriter is that it takes patience in order to find clients, but once you get started then it will not be long until other people start noticing your writing skills and offer more money! There are millions of ghostwriters out there who do this for a living and it does not look like they are going to stop anytime soon.

5. Find Clients through Social Media Networks like LinkedIn and Facebook 

Do you need to find clients for your ghostwriting services but don’t know where to start? You should focus your attention on two of the most popular social media networks – LinkedIn and Facebook.

You can search FB and LinkedIn by specific groups. Join these groups and look at what other people in the group are sharing and posting about. 

Start sharing helpful information and content that will be relevant to these groups while also using a personal tone(be yourself). 

Try to connect with as many people as possible who share common interests/fields of expertise within the industry you want to target, this is how you get started building relationships.

One way I’ve been able to land gigs from both sites has been by contacting professors from well-known schools who are looking for writers to help with their current projects. Professors are always in need of additional help with research which is something you specialize in. By joining FB groups, LinkedIn groups, and reaching out to professors you can start setting up your own steady stream of clients.

This strategy works because once someone finds you on one social media network they will most likely check out your profiles on others sites as well- it’s just human nature.


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