GMB (Google My Business) is a free tool offered to businesses to improve their online presence on search engines. GMB is essential for companies’ local SEO in Australia and other countries to be listed on Google search result pages and Googles Maps.

GMB’s features improve the listing of local companies on the platform to improve local search rankings. Check out the following ways to optimize GMB listing in 2021 for local SEO in Australia and other countries:

Provide all the possible information on your profile

The first step to optimizing your GMB page is to complete all the sections in your profile accurately. Ensure that you fill out the name, phone number, address, website address, category, description, working hours, Q&As, photos, and other industry-specific details. Providing all the information required by Google lights the path to your goods and services for your potential customers. Also, a complete listing will increase your chances of improved rankings on Google.

Write good content on Google Posts 

Google My Business has a feature known as Google Posts. It helps you connect with users on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) and Google Maps. This section is meant for posts about upcoming events, announcements, blogs, product promotions, holiday wishes, and anything associated with your business. People tend to estimate an online company based on their posts. Therefore, you should post relevant, high-quality, and meaningful content on your GMB account.

Select a particular and appropriate category 

Google searches are based on categories. Therefore, the category you select will help the search engine determine the local listing to which it belongs. The option to create your category is not available and, thus, you must choose from the list of available categories. You might encounter a situation in which your business might not fit any specific category. Then, you can choose a general classification under which your business might fit. You may keep checking for the category updates for a new one that may describe your business better.

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Upload high-quality images

Pay attention to image optimization to get the best from your GMB listing. Google claims that businesses with appropriate images are likely to receive 42% more directions requests. Apart from inquiring about the whereabouts, 35% more people are likely to open their websites when businesses upload high-quality photos.

High-resolution images present a glimpse of what your business has to offer; it gives the users an idea of what to expect. You may upload pictures of your office, teams, official logo, and anything else that describes your business well. You may also choose to create interactive tours of your business with 360-view for your customers.

There are some recommended specifications for uploading images on your Google My Business. In addition, the following specifications make your listing look presentable:

  • Photo format – JPG or PNG
  • The size of the image should not exceed 5 megabytes
  • The images should be free of filters and considerable edits
  • The minimum acceptable resolution is 720 px, both length, and width

Provide a local contact number

It is essential to maintain the same phone number for your various listings. Moreover, you should provide a phone number with the local area code. This will enable Google to detect your locality, which will improve your listing. Moreover, ensure that the phone number provided on the GMB listing is the same as the one on your website’s homepage or the landing page(s) that are linked to your Google listing.

Update the Q&A section

The Questions and Answers section on the Google My Business is a helpful feature that improves your Google search results. This feature is essential because you can answer the questions asked by your potential customers. In addition, this section gives you insight into the customers’ minds. It helps you learn what your customers are thinking, and you can respond to them directly.

Make sure to monitor this section because otherwise, someone else might be publishing the wrong information about your business. In addition, it might create a negative reputation for your business leading to a loss of customers. Therefore, continually monitor this section, and that’s what companies offering SEO services in Adelaide will tell you.

Ask for reviews 

Customers post reviews on Google, and they are instrumental. Definite and positive reviews build trust among your potential customers, thereby increasing engagements. Furthermore, good Google ratings improve your search rankings and increase the click-through rate. Customers tend to go through the section o review your credibility. Therefore, it is crucial to collect Google reviews to improve your listing. Request your customers to give you positive reviews.


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