Kedarkantha is a place situated in Uttarakhand. It is a popular Mountain peak of the Himalayas which has an elevation of about 12,500 ft. Kedarkantha is located near the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttarkashi district. The trek starts by climbing to the peak from a small village called Sankri.  There are 13 peaks of the Himalayan range visible from Kedarkantha peak which looks tremendous and enchanting.

A mystery lake called Juda katalad depicts that once upon a time lord Shiva meditated at Kedarkantha. It takes almost four to six days to climb the Kedarkantha peak. There is also a village named Kalap where a large number of flowers attract more tourism.

With high mountain range and tall trees, sloppy lands and mirror lakes and rivers creates a drastic effect on the mind of the trekkers which attracts the most.

Kedarkantha is mainly a winter trekking place. It is very cold as the frozen snow decreases the temperature. It is also called the queen of winter trek.

Places to see in Kedarkantha


It is a village in Uttarakhand, the paradise of Himalayas for every trekker. It’s a place that delights every tourist to have fun and enjoy the journey with less difficulty.  The Govind Ballabh Pant Wildlife sanctuary is almost  3km away from sankri village. This place is famous for zipline activity where a large number of people face the adventurous height over the river. The ride to Sankri village from Dehradun is about 200 kilometers long which takes seven to eight hours of journey. At Sankri one can discover different valleys of Himalayas and also get a chance to indulge in the local culture of the village. The flora and fauna in Sankri increases the level of experience where trekkers get more interested about the village.

The blue sky with white clouds, the small grasses with green land, the tall trees with some fruits hanging makes an enchanting environment for the trekkers to indulge with nature. This creates a connection between nature and the tourist and has become a famous tourist spot.

Juda Ka Talab

The mountains hide some beautiful small and alluring lakes or ponds located at some mysterious spots. Juda ka talab is one of them. This lake has the clearest water like crystals which can also be used for drinking. After passing through the Govind wildlife sanctuary the next spot is the Juda ka Talab. Local peoples also believe that this place is the one where lord Shiva had meditated once. This lake is located between the Sankri and Kedarkantha with an altitude of 3540 meter above sea level. This lake is surrounded by the Himalayas where the landscapes look stunning. People from different regions also come here for trekking and photography purposes. It is also a famous place for cinematographers where actor and actress dance scenes are shooted. 

This is the most peaceful place during the Kedar Kantha trek where tourists can hike, play with the snow, create a shadow of angel or butterfly in snow and enjoy the fascinating landscapes.

Saru Tal

This is the sacred water of the Sar lake located at a height of 4100 meters in the western Garhwal Himalayas in the Uttarkashi area. It takes five to seven days, which begins from Sankri. The temperature of the lake is high in the morning and cold at night. This attracts many trekkers to visit once in their life. It is another cool place near Kedarkantha summit. Different people come here to experience nature more closely.

Instruments Required During Kedarkantha Trek

  • Backpack with rain cover
  • Trekking shoes
  • Walking pole
  • Head torch
  • Water bottle / thermos
  • Snacks
  • First aid kit
  • Day bag
  • Headgears and safety clips
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Footwear and feet protection
  • Toiletries
  • Cutlery

Things to do in Kedarkantha

  • Trekking
  • Skiing in winter
  • Photography
  • Adventure
  • Experiencing the nature
  •  Wildlife sanctuary
  • Zip line activity
  • Video shooting
  • Fun with snow
  • Creating vlogs
  • Exploring new places

So we can experience more in Kedarkantha trek than any other place. This trek is not only suitable in summer but also in winter. It creates a huge impact on the trekkers to experience thrill and fascinating views of nature. Juda ka Talab and Sankri village is the most visited place while trekking in Kedarkantha.

Local peoples also support and promote their culture and indulge different tourists with them. This creates a friendly environment which the trekkers love the most.

Finally, Kedarkantha is a place for adventurous people who love to dive in any situation in order to experience nature and create connection with the natural environment.  Because of the cold weather, people mostly prefer to go in the winter season to experience snowfall and can take the advantage of skiing.  


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