Okay, So you have made up your mind to get a hair transplant in Vizag. Great Choice!

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: A hair transplant is one of the best procedures for patients struggling with excess hair loss which leads to baldness and thin hair. The increasing demand for the treatment is not only due to the hair transplant cost but it is way more than that. Here, we are talking about the way treatment works and how effective its results are. To undergo a good hair transplant procedure, you must know about the treatment properly.

Things to know before you get the hair transplant

  • Are the results of hair transplant permanent?

YES! The best part is that the results are permanent which means investing your money in hair transplant just once, will be a long-life investment. The hair growth is permanent because the hair grafts are extracted from the back of the scalp and then transplanted to where hair growth is very less. The hair grafts are taken out from the patient’s scalp.

  • What about the FUE hair transplant success rate?

The success rate of the hair transplant is more than 95% and this is all because of the well-trained surgeons. Choosing the best hair transplant clinic will ensure that you don’t fall into any kind of trap which can make things problematic for you. The best hair transplant clinic has handled different surgeries which means they are well-aware of how to handle the different cases with perfection.

  • How soon can I notice the results?

The initial hair growth is noticed within 3 months and at this point, the hair growth is a few inches. At around the 6th month, you can start noticing the desired hair growth. No doubt, with a hair transplant you will get the best results possible.

How much time does the hair transplant surgery take?

Well! The total time required for the hair transplant surgery will depend on how many hair grafts are required. Usually, it takes around one day to perform the surgery. Although, chances are rare if the doctor feels the hair graft requirement is more than the surgery can be divided into 2 days.

What is the FUE procedure?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. During the FUE, the hair grafts are extracted individually and this treatment is a modern and effective method. Precision and skills are required, so make sure that you consult the best hair transplant surgeon to get the grafts placed in the right approach. Moreover, the doctor is going to manage the entire treatment in such a way that the side effects are less.

How much is the recovery time?

After the hair transplant, it takes around a few days to a few weeks. Just make sure that during this period, you follow all the suggestions given by the doctor and do not neglect anything.

Consult the doctor

If you are having any doubt about the surgery then you need to consult the best hair transplant doctor to make the right choice.


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