We might extract gems from the earth’s tomb, but the real inspiration comes from the skies above. This statement holds specifically true for the 2021 designer jewelry trend, which gets inspiration far beyond attachments to galaxy or zodiac signs. Instead, celestial bodies have gained immense popularity for people in deep routing, healing techniques, heavenly attachments, and future lives. 

Celestial Necklaces and Emotional connection:

Unlike the past, where people claimed it’s all science, today, people want to rely on Something bigger. The idea of manifestation connects Something more important than what eyes could see, especially in highly uncertain times, when the only way out seems hope. Today, people love to wear jewelry with some meaning attached to it. We seek comfort in moons, stars, constellations, and zodiacs because it ignites a sense of joy and magic associated with luck, love, and protection. 

Celestial Necklaces and Cosmic Creations:

As Carl Sagan said, Something somewhere incredible is waiting to be known. The women who dawn the moon and sun necklaces have a lot of deeper stories yet to be told. The celestial pieces are in-trend and remind us of interconnection, wherever one might be, to the Moon and back, near or far, or perhaps miles apart. Celestial jewelry is considered a perfect gift, reminding the loved ones of their presence, with them always!

Celestial jewelry and Positive meanings:

  • The Crescent moon necklace designs can imbibe positivity, another relevant theme for jewelry lovers. The underlying meaning states anything, and everything is possible. 
  • The heavenly bodies imbibe, reaching for the stars, and sparkle to always look ahead for a sustainable and happier future. 
  • The Moon is the symbolic representation of feminine power and empowerment. 
  • Some designers combine culture with ethnicity and modern art like Astrid Schumacher, Dior, Chanel, who focus on symbol-driven jewelry.  
  • The jewelry pieces are intended to evolve, as they serve as a gentle reminder that everything we want is inside each of us. 

Representation of Gold Sun Necklace:

  • The Sun represents power and human existence on earth. People have used Solar energy to grow and heal, where the Sun has been representing immense healing powers. 
  • The Sun symbolizes vitality, positivity, growth, and brightness, and therefore it’s not difficult to find gold sun necklaces since it represents the warmth of the Sun.
  • Sun necklaces can be a great gift for someone you love, perhaps yourself too. If you believe, then your heavenly jewelry can help you grow and move ahead!

Representation of the Crescent Moon Necklace:

  • The Moon represents femininity, growth, and light, all aspects related to nurturing nature. 
  • The symbol of new life and knowledge is similar to the Moon. Similar to its never ending cycle, which grows from crescent to full, in 15 days, the crescent moon jewelry symbolizes never ending growth and the reminder to stay grounded, no matter where we reach!
  • The moon jewelry wearer can be perceived as adaptable to changes and thoughtful. This one pendant can also come in gold and still signify its epic beauty. This means that opposites do attract and are indeed attracted to each other. 

There are many symbolic meanings of sun and moon jewelry combined, and it all depends upon the wearer’s interpretation. 

Celestial jewelry and style:

You can mix and match jewelry as you please with no specific limitations that reflect your personality and taste. The celestial jewelry looks pleasing in both gold and silver, so it completely depends upon your imagination as to what shall go with the jewelry. 

You can try layering your jewelry separately. It’s always possible to add on or remove your jewelry, depending upon your outfit.

A simple silver edition to the elegant nighttime look or the bold and classic gold sun pendants, the choice is always yours. Remember, anything that gives you peace and makes you feel stand out from the crowd is the right choice for you.


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