Investing in the right kind of cycle is very important. By implementing that, you can ensure the longevity of the product, thereby getting the utmost satisfaction from it. Although there are the best brands in the market, it is mandatory for you to check before you buy them. 

Avon cycle is one of the best sellers that you can prefer to get. Such established brands will help you in the long run. Swagtron cycle is also a leading manufacturer of the bicycle in India. To give you a more detailed insight on the same, in this article, we have mentioned some of the branded cycles that you must buy. Read without skipping!

  • Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike Ideal For 12+ Years Unisex Frame size: 18 inches steel (Black)

One of the most affordable quality bicycles in the market is the one made by Hero Kyoto. This wonderful cycle is quite within the budget, and there is no more added stress for the customer. The thickness of this mountain bike’s wheels is around 26 inches. The design of this cycle is done using bright colours of Black and red. It looks more stylish and appealing. Both the front and rear end of the cycle comes with an applied linear bull brake mechanism that offers superior grip and control even on heavy terrain. The full composition of the cycle is made of steel which makes this cycle long-lasting. 

  • Hero Sprint Next 26T Single Speed Cycle, 17″ Frame (Steel, Black/Green)

Hero Sprint is another attractive cycle variant that is gaining more relevance in today’s market scenario. The cycle comes with a single gear mechanism which is amazing and provides added superior control on the roads. The wheel frame comes with an American value reflection which is another addition to the cycle.  The full composition of the cycle is made of steel which makes this cycle long-lasting. The colour coding of the mountain is also very attractive, using bright neon hues. The handlebar and the V brake mechanism are so good, and the seat offers maximum comfort to the user. You can also customise the colour of this cycle as there are more models available. 

  • Avon Buke Shadow 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike with Front & Rear Disc brakes (Chrome Grey YS 9674 / Black, 12+ Years)

These magnanimous Avon cycles are another exclusive variant in the market. The huge tyres and the elevated handle setting make this cycle look more attractive than the available variants in the market. Adventures and cycling enthusiasts can definitely prefer buying this wonderful Avon cycle. The disc brake mechanism is given in both the front as well as rear brake settings. No reflectors are present in this cycle model, and if the user has any requirements, it should be bought outside. Only the front suspension is available in this cycle type, and the whole cycle body is made of good-quality steel. This Avon cycle is a little pricey but one of the most premium models out in the market. 

  • SWAGTRON SwagCycle Envy E-Bike – Folding Electric Bicycle

The most premium and luxury electric bicycle model was bought to us by the Swagtron company. Daily commuters and professional travellers can invest in this Swagtron bicycle for effective long-term usage. One of the attractive qualities of this bicycle is that it can be foldable and requires only a small amount of space for storage. This Swagtron cycle is designed in a very stylish and simple manner. This cycle is so sleek and effective for daily commuting. It comes in a combination of black and white colour. This cycle brand is water-resistant and capable of withstanding tough outdoor conditions such as ingress from splashing rain and blowing dust. So, the user need not worry much. 

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