Snow Foam Cannon blasts an incredible amount of foam directly on the paint, which helps you wash your car thoroughly and helps to cut down on scratches by lubricating the dirt particles with soap. The result? A fresh-looking car that’s clean and shiny after every wash, no matter how nasty the mud or bugs are on it! Read on to learn more about this innovative foam cannon!

Use Any Pressure Washer To Spray Clinging Foam

Car wash foam helps to increase lubrication when you are washing your car. Even when you are hand washing your car with a soapy wash mitt, it is always good to have some lubrication in place to avoid scratches and swirls in your paint job. Your soapy wash mitt will rub over dirt particles, but without proper lubrication, these dirt particles can scratch or marr parts of your paint job. Properly used car care products—like a Snow Foam Cannon sprayer—can keep scratches and swirls from happening as quickly as possible by increasing lubrication while you’re washing.

Snow Foam Cannon
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Wash Your Car Gently

Wash mitts are not enough to protect your car’s delicate paint job. If you want to clean your vehicle correctly, you’ll need a foaming wash solution. To lather up a thick foam, you need a snow foam cannon. A snow foam cannon is a hose attachment that injects soapy water into a stream of pressurized air from your hose, producing an impenetrable blanket of soap on all surfaces—including glass and delicate paintwork.

Shoot Cleansing Suds Into Cracks And Crevices 

Car washer spray is one of those products that can be incredibly useful or a complete waste of money. What’s it for? Soap and water just don’t cut it when it comes to cleaning your car, no matter how hard you try!

Compared to other car cleaners, a Snow Foam Cannon uses higher pressure and a lot more soap to make large amounts of thick suds that help remove dirt from any car. The high pressure pushes the suds deep into every nook and cranny on your vehicle, preventing swirls and scratches from marring your paint job. Snow Foam Cannon uses nano-particle technology that helps soap spread evenly over every inch of your vehicle, not just in direct contact with where you’re spraying. It also helps get rid of filmy dirt for easier clean-up after rinsing off with water.

Keep Paintwork Free Of Scratches And Swirls

To start with, car cleaner spray is a product that incorporates a foam cannon. It works by creating an aerosol foam that lathers over your vehicle and helps protect it from bugs, dirt, and grime. This foam not only protects your car from getting dirty but also enables you to clean it quicker and easier than ever before! After all, who doesn’t love not having to work too hard? That being said, if you’re anything like me, then you probably want to know more about what goes into these cleaners to help you choose one that best suits your needs.

Keep The Finish Flawless During Each Wash

This foam not only protects your vehicle from micro-scratches while you wash but it also lubricates dirt particles so they can be rinsed away easily. You might already know about car washes and waxes and how crucial they are to maintaining a shiny finish. To keep your vehicle looking its best, however, you’ll need to take care of things between washes too—which means buying cleaners and detailing products like Snow Foam Cannon.


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