Offer a competitive price. Make sure it is a win-win situation for you and your buyer. A smart way to get a price that doesn’t scare your buyers is to assess the property’s value. To determine the value of your home, you will probably need the advice of a real estate professional. Ask them to prepare a short market analysis for you, showing recent sales prices for properties comparable to yours. You can also offer incentives to make the sale price more attractive.

Market on the Web. Use places online to help sell your home. Ask around. Send a message to your friends on the social network if they know of some sites or potential buyers online.

Sell ​​The House Yourself. You may want to seek help from a professional, but if you want to save on a broker’s fees, you can sell your home on your own. Be available to answer questions and take a short tour, but give potential buyers plenty of “alone time” to explore the home. You can also search the web for potential buyers online.

Condition matters. You may want to focus on the outside first. Remember that the first thing a buyer will see is the exterior of the house, so it is very important that you make a good first impression. A well-maintained home is absolutely more attractive than a home that obviously needs a lot of repair, so I need that certain “wow” factor. Repaint the walls and clean and wax the floor, also make sure all windows are spotlessly clean.

Make it feel warm. Consider baking cookies and offering them while showing the home to buyers. Place the potpourri inside the key points of the house where buyers are most likely to enter during the tour, it will give the house a pleasant aroma and people will feel at home.

Presentation is key. Consider organizing your home for potential buyers. Give it a less messy look to make it spacious and make people feel more at home. Experiment with different layouts to make the rooms more attractive. this company buys in Lakewood, CO

Talk to an investor. These are all great tips for selling your home quickly, but there is one more way that could save you the time and hassle of trying to sell your home. Real estate investors offer a quick and easy way to sell your home. They will typically buy your home as is, so you won’t have to worry about updating the home or making repairs. Also, they will generally pay in cash and can close quickly if you wish.

My client I spoke about at the beginning of the article was working with an inexperienced agent who did not understand the Highlands neighborhood. Fortunately, however, they were also working with one of Colorado House Finders’ appraisal consultants, well versed in the Highlands community.

The situation with our new client occurred when his inexperienced realtor made an offer on a house in the Highlands neighborhood that was overvalued by another inexperienced realtor. By not understanding the Highlands market, this agent did not have the competence to advise the client on a reasonable offer to make on the house. As a result, they made an offer on the house that was thousands of dollars above the market value. Fortunately, this client had doubts about the competence of his agent and, as a result, contacted one of our appraisal consultants. Our appraisal consultant provided a comprehensive analysis of the property in question and the Highlands neighborhood that clearly illustrated that the item was significantly overvalued to the market.


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