My sit-and-stand desk made me realise my potential

Okay, so I’m tasked with describing my WFH experience. Well, it was dreadful until I bought a sit-and-stand desk for myself. It changed my outlook towards WFH. It made me realise that I am a productive individual, who’s highly skilled and willing to contribute to the growth of my company. My sit-and-stand desk is so ergonomic that now I can’t even think of working without it. And I strongly vouch for a sit-and-stand desk as the best workmate for all WFH professionals. There’s no way ahead without it.

My sit-and-stand desk propelled my persona in various ways. Firstly, it gave me the ideal posture. Secondly, it brought my back into a robust state. Thirdly, it recharged my senses with its aesthetic appeal. And furthermore, it bolstered my productivity to unimaginable heights. What also left me highly impressed was the service and delivery of the sit and stand desk. It was delivered within two days of booking, and now I can’t help but sing laurels of the ergonomic furniture company that made this standing desk a reality.

And I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the corporate bigwigs, whose quotes and endorsements about the sit-stand desk helped me to make an informed decision. If something is recommended by stalwarts, it surely becomes a talk-of-the-town and deserves exclusive attention.

5 ways in which my sit-and-stand desk helps me while WFH

I got my posture back

How agonising is a bad posture! It makes you sullen and feeling awful about yourself. When I started using my sit-and-stand desk, I found it highly adjustable, and ideal for my awkward looking spine. Within days, my posture was back. I started feeling confidence. I felt as if I was on the moon. Now, I just need an excuse to look at myself in the mirror and smile. Thanks to my sit-and-stand desk.

I noticed a drop in my back ache

My sit-and-stand desk allowed me to alternate between sitting and standing at work. This was just what my aching back needed to get back into shape. Wow, a robust back, healthy spine, straight shoulders, and flexible neck. Put together, they are sure shots to success for any WFH employee. I feel great to be among those lucky ones.

I lost extra pounds

My sit-and-stand desk keeps me very active as I stand most of the time while working. It’s an ideal approach to lose unwanted calories. Do I need to say that I have mitigated the risks of diabetes, hypertension, and cardiac ailments to a great extent by using a standing desk? Gee, I’m fit, healthy, and happy as well. I don’t crib and cringe over the blues of working in isolation. My depression, anxiety, and OCD have taken a drastic plunge. What else do I need to stay happy and productive?

I feel so productive, and aesthetically charged-up

Productivity also stems from a happy mind. All I can say is that my sit-and-stand desk gave me a hope to enjoy my work. I was no more freaked out by the travails of a home-office. My sit-and-stand desk looks so gorgeous that it gave a new look to my home-office, and in a way, beautified my life as well. 

I am able to avoid the medical costs

I was initially daunted by the thought of having to spend a high sum on a standing desk. But the more I use it, the more I am able to save on medical bills. Frankly speaking, I have spent loads of money on painkillers. But not anymore. The money that I’ve saved deserves better channelisation. How about ergonomic accessories?


Having used a standing desk to my contentment, I can say that it’s a boon for all working professionals. And for those who work from a home-office (WFH), it’s an unprecedented assortment of sorts. The credit goes to ergonomic furniture companies that have burnt the midnight oil in coming up with something so messianic for the working lot. And equal credit goes to those corporate heavyweights who endorse it unequivocally. There’s no way ahead without a sit-and-stand desk.


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