Introduction of Neti Pot wash

Sinus problems are pretty common with the rapid change in the climate today. If you’re a person with an allergic reaction to the change of seasons, then sinus is a common occurrence for you. Using a saline solution to decongest your nasal passages may be a good alternative for you. A neti pot wash is your best friend for this problem. Let’s take a look at how neti pots help sinuses. 

Why is a neti pot wash a good idea?

Using a saline solution in a neti pot wash helps you get rid of the allergens represented in your nasal passage. The answer can contain table salt, sea salt, or kosher salt as well. A neti wash is also recommended for use because it helps to keep your nasal passages irritated and clear of any mucus formations. This not only allows you to breathe more accessible but also reduces sinus issues. Using a plastic or ceramic neti wash is a preferable option. You can find travel neti pots at several online stores. You can also opt to use a baking soda solution with the saline to reduce the harshness. 

What is nasal irrigation, and why should you use it?

Nasal irrigation is the process of running a saline solution through congested nasal passages to help you clear up the sinus and mucus. You can use nasal irrigation when your nose has thick mucus drainage or obstructions. These generally block your nose from taking in air properly. Nasal irrigation is also suggested post-nasal surgery as often blood clots may form in the nose. Antibiotics and steroids can also be added to the nasal irrigation to run them through your nose. However, these are special applications, and you should use them only when prescribed by a doctor. 


Steps of using a neti pot

Using a  baby neti pot wash involves four careful steps that you must take. These are:

● Select an appropriate location for your neti pot wash. We recommend using it over the sink or in the shower to avoid unwanted spillage. 

● Make the saline solution with a pint of water and a tablespoon of salt. If the key is too harsh for you, add half a spoon of baking soda to make it smoother. Warm the resolution, and you’re good to go.

● Tilt your head to one side and start pouring the solution in through your nose. Breathe through your mouth. Once the key enters one nostril, it will begin to drain out from the other. Pour half solution for each nostril to make the nasal irrigation effective. 

● It takes a few times and a bit of practice to handle the neti pot well. We recommend you try out the process with utmost patience and care the first few times to get the best results

neti wash is beneficial, and this is why we recommend you to get a neti pot. You can find baby neti pots that are well suited to travel. Their compact size and durable plastic build are perfect for carrying around seamlessly. You can find a neti pot online at several different stores today!

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