Forget the stereotypical images of seniors, doing nothing but gardening, baking goodies, and reading newspapers on the porch. While they pretty much enjoy these things, there are other things they still want to accomplish in their retirement stage — like travelling. 

Senior travellers are considered to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the tourism market today. They might not have the same vigor from their yesteryears, but they still have some wanderlust left in them. They want to spend their free time visiting the places they’ve always wanted to see. 

Planning to travel with a loved one in their golden years? Ensure their pleasurable and comfortable hotel stay by booking hotels with the following features. 

1. An elevator

Even if your hotel room is located just on the second floor, climbing up and down the stairs can still be a struggle for our senior and disabled loved ones. With this, elevators are a must.

One of the most common mistakes is assuming that all hotels have elevators. Some don’t. When booking hotels online, you can usually see in the description whether or not the property has an elevator. You can also call the hotel directly just to make sure. 

2. Senior-friendly hotel rooms

hotel room

What makes a hotel room senior-friendly?  

Firstly, it should be spacious enough. The furniture should be minimal, encouraging elderly guests to move around. 

Secondly, they must have high-quality mattresses and bedding that promote better sleep and relaxation. You shouldn’t worry about bad sleep and backache complaints. 

Thirdly, the room temperature should not be too hot nor too cold. Make sure the air-conditioning units can be easily modified to their liking. If you’re travelling during the winter season, make sure the room heater is available. Seniors may also appreciate a room with a balcony or a window that can be opened for better ventilation. 

Lastly, the in-room amenities and appliances should be simple and easy to use and navigate. Remote control units shouldn’t be confusing too. 

3. Close to nature

old couple

Of course, they won’t stay in the hotel room for the entire duration of their stay. They’re going to jog in the morning and take a stroll in the afternoon. With this, it’s necessary that you book a hotel that’s close to nature. They should be able to see grass, trees, flowers, and even patches of blue when they decide to head outdoors. 

Next to manicured hotel grounds, check if the hotel has accessible jogging trails. See if there’s a park and garden nearby. It would also be ideal to stay in a hotel situated near the ocean, river, lake, and other natural wonders. 

This hotel in Sheffield UK took their wellbeing options to the next level by providing maps of the local area jogging trails, parks, and botanical gardens. 

4. Cane and wheelchair-friendly amenities 

Do they have accessible entrances for handicaps? Does the hotel have ramps and metal handrails? Can the wheelchair fit through the hotel door? How about the hotel room itself? Is the room spacious enough for mobility? 

If your senior loved one is wheelchair-bound or is using a walking support, it would mean the world to them to have these features verified prior to arrival. 

5. Healthy menu options

healthy meals

Senior travellers usually have a couple of dietary restrictions. The last thing they want is to sit with their family and eat nothing but a plate of bland salad because that’s the only healthy stuff they can get from the menu. 

Senior-friendly hotels have a menu that’s healthy, delicious, and can be tweaked to their guests’ preference. They have a variety of meals, including delectable dishes that are low in carbs, sodium, sugar, and fat. 

6. Traditional ways of doing things 

Keyless check-ins, menus on touchscreen devices, and temperature adjustments on tablets — these are amazing hotel innovations designed to make things easier and more seamless. However, these ultra-high-tech approaches are not for everyone. Senior travelers still want to lodge in an old-school way, such as reaching for the phone to request things and holding a physical remote controller. 

We’re not suggesting to stay in a musty, outdated hotel. However, make sure the modern hotel has alternative options for guests who’d want to do things the traditional way. 

7. Noise-free ambiance

senior couple in a hotel

Seniors are quite sensitive to loud noises. While you can’t control the noises that may arise during your trip, you can do something to stay away from them. Start by booking the right hotel room. 

Ask for a room in a peaceful alley that’s far from usually noisy areas like pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, and function rooms. Stay in a room that’s far from the elevator too. And if possible, ask them not to place you alongside rooms or halls where potentially noisy guests stay, including guests with little children and young groups throwing a party. 

8. Discounts, promos, and freebies

Seniors love discounts and promos. Whether it’s a 25% discounted rate for their overall hotel stay or just a free meal in the hotel restaurant, seniors treasure them dearly. 

9. Medical backup

How equipped and ready is the hotel when an emergency arises? Do they have a wheelchair available? Are there hospitals nearby? Can they easily contact health centers? 

10. VIP treatment for seniors

old couple

You’ll know a hotel is senior-friendly if they strive to make their elderly guests feel like a VIP. Aside from discounts and promos, hotels give their senior patrons a warm welcome with valet services and exceptional room service modified to their liking. 

With careful planning, we can help create a safer and happier travel experience our senior loved ones would never forget. 

Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a self-proclaimed foodie and content writer who hates being locked up at home. She may be an awkward introvert but she’s got a lot to say about travel, food, and cultural appreciation. To know more about hotels and travel blogs, you may visit Leopold Hotel Sheffield. 


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