The skills required as a Human Resource manager are Communication skills, Confidence, Teamwork, Emotional Intelligence, Business acumen (must possess knowledge of machinations of a business), Time management, Adaptability, Problem Solving, Budgeting skills, Decision-making skills and stress handling skills.

The Father of Human resource management is George Elton Mayo. HR Manager plays a crucial role in the smooth working of any organization.

There is one or two Human Resource manager in a small organization and, in a large organization; there are a group of HR Managers.

Human Resource manager

The qualifications required to work as a HR manager in any organization is to pursue a Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Human Resource Management. Also, candidates can pursue a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management. 

Although the responsibilities of HR Manager is different for a different organization. But there are some mutual duties. And, the main responsibility of a Human Resource Manager is to hire the employees. For hiring, the HR Manager takes the interview of the candidates and will hire them on the basics of the skills and talent.

The work that a Human Resource manager do while hiring candidates are:-

  • Write and post a job ad.
  • To review the Resume.
  • Screening   the Candidates.
  • Making the hiring decision.

 The other responsibility of the HR Manager in Training and Development, Maintain Company Culture, Handle Disciplinary Actions, Managing Employee Benefits and Create a Safe Work Environment. 

Let’s talk in-depth about these responsibilities:-

Training and Development

After hiring, giving the employees training is the duty of the Human Resource Manager. This training provided by HR Manager involves developing new skills which are required. After completing the training, there is a friendly bond between the employees and their work.

Development of Organisation

This one is the important part that an HR Manager will play. HR Manager looks over that the whole company is working effectively. So that the company will achieve pre-decided goals without any complications.

Salary and Other Benefits

HR Manager motivates their employees by giving benefits/bonuses to them based on their performance. HR Professionals also explains benefits to the employees.

Resolve Disputes or Dispute Settlement

It is one of the most challenging tasks of the Human Resource Manager. To resolve the disputes between employees and to create a Happy and working environment in the company!

In other words, the main objectives of HR Manager are

  • Offering Employee Satisfaction.
  • Keeping up with the Societal and Ethical Models.
  • Organizational Goals.
  • Defining Organizational Structure and Driving Productivity.
  • Building Coordination between Organizational Departments.

The role of the HR manager is not limited. They also have to update themselves with new technologies. Like in this pandemic, everything has remote. HR Managers has the responsibility to take the interview in an online mode, to adapt new apps. To hire employees in an online video call is such a difficult task for HR Managers, Still they all are trying their best. 

  • Here are few problems that a Human Resource Manager suffers.
  • Dealing with negative Employees is the toughest part of HR.
  • To build a Good Team and to maintain that team. 
  • To Implement New Values.
  • HR Manager is a difficult task. Patience is required the most if you want to work as a Human Resource Manager. 

The human Resource manager is one of the best jobs if you want to make your career in business. It is the highest paying job. An HR Manager can become the CEO of the company.


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