Are you considering buying some new knives for your kitchen? If so, you need to consider many different factors before making a final decision.

The first factor to consider is to determine the purpose for which you will use these tools, and then determine what type of tools you need. If you have a large kitchen and cook large meals with a large number of dishes, then you may need a more complete package with many specialty dishes. However, if you tend to cook for a smaller number of people and have simpler tracks, then a smaller set may be sufficient.

essential elements?

According to, the most basic cooking knives are:

  • skin-peeler
  • skin-peeler
  • Utility knife

-Chef’s Knife

  • bread knife

-Carving knife

This list seems to be based on the assumption of an ordinary Western family.

Many people choose to use a peeler instead of a paring knife manufacturer. In addition, paring knives and peeling knives are usually used for the same task, so neither is necessary.

Originating in France or Germany, a chef’s knife (also known as a chef’s knife) is a general-purpose knife with a long curved blade (or more accurately, a sharp edge with a curved edge and a straight side on the other side). They can cut bones instead of meat cleavers, and can shake the curved blade on the cutting board to achieve more precise cuts.

The size of a utility knife is between a paring knife and a chef’s knife. They are often ridiculed as “fillers” in the knife set.

find that a good chef’s knife is more effective than a cheap bread knife and can cut bread better.

. However, many Chinese families now choose to use chef knives because they are lighter in weight and less brutal in appearance (which will scare tourists).

Therefore, at the end of this section, please consider what items you really need to form your own minimum tool setting requirements.

My personal list only includes a chef’s knife and a paring knife. However, I ended up buying a building block set, because I also need a sharpening steel (included with the set) and storage blocks. Buying the full set is only a little more expensive than buying the items separately.

Therefore, if you need some items, you can easily save money by buying a set of knives, even if it comes with items you don’t need.

How to choose a tool

Once you have decided which type of knives you need, you will need to choose a specific brand of knives (I assume you will not buy hand knives!).

The main factors to consider here are:

  • deal with




  • cost

Maneuverability and comfort are very subjective things outdoor knives. Although more expensive knives will give more consideration to their design and usability, you may not like particularly expensive knives. For example, I used to have two chef’s knives in my kitchen-one from Global (priced at 70 pounds) and the other from Kitchen Devil (priced at 18 pounds). The Universal Knife is much sharper than the Magic Knife. However, Kitchen Devil has heavier blades and non-metallic handles (which gives it better grip), which gives me more control when using it.

The best way to find the knives that you find most comfortable is to go to a good kitchen store or department store and consult an assistant. I bought my current set from John Lewis. The assistant was very helpful and even had a demo set on hand so that I could feel the weight and strength of each blade.

Generally speaking,

More expensive knives will be sharper and the blade will last longer. In order to achieve the ultimate sharpness, ceramic blades are often sharper than metal blades. Modern cheap knives are usually sharp enough for home use, but remember that dull knives are dangerous because of the increased chance of slips and accidents. Therefore, a good knife sharpener is also essential for any kitchen.

Durability is accompanied by an increase in cost and can be extended by careful use. If you cannot guarantee that your knives will be handled properly (for example, if you live in an apartment with a shared kitchen), then even expensive knives can quickly become damaged, especially if they are not properly cleaned.


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