1.    Providing services to dependents

A ward having dependents usually has a duty to main them rightly too. The Wards of Court’s Office takes this responsibility and makes different arrangements to provide the best benefits and maintenance according to Ward’s means and dependents’ needs.  

wards of court

2.    Payment and relief of income tax

Similar to other taxpayers, wards have almost the same requirement and need to submit the slips of income tax returns. But the return is signed by the Committee head either by Ward’s accountant or on behalf of the Ward. That is especially the case if they employed one earlier than being brought into the Wardship. Top law firms Ireland lawlorkiernan are highly recommended in Dublin Ireland to manage the ward of court cases.

3.    Wards of Court Property

Right after the order of the High Court’s President to bring an individual into Wardship, they provide the right directions in order to bring the assets of Wards under the court control. Ultimately, they make them readily available for the benefit and maintenance of Ward.

4.    Buying a House

On the behalf of a Ward, no property can be bought as a pure investment. That is because currently, this thing does not wholly constitute an Authorized Trustee Security presently. However, on behalf of the ward, a property can be bought if it:

  1. Has sufficient means
  2. Can reside easily in the community
  3. Does not have suitable or adequate accommodation anywhere else

Furthermore, in case, the Ward is under residential care, and the dependents of this ward need to be housed, then the property can be bought for benefit.

5.    Medical Care for Different Wards

If in case a Ward requires medical treatment, especially for which filling in a consent form of the hospital is needed, obtaining the approval of the High Court’s President is essential. However, in case of emergency gaining approval may not be possible. In such a case, all regular medical considerations are must apply.

6.    Marriage

An individual who is considered a Ward because of some mental incapacity can rather marry if he/she wants. But the validity of that marriage directly depends on the Ward capacity at the present time of marriage. Moreover, after marriage, being taken into a Warship does not invalidate the marriage.

7.    Traveling Anywhere Out of Ireland  

Individuals considered Wards of Court may not have the permission to leave Ireland unless they get the consent grant from High Court. However, taking into account various safety and medical considerations, permission to leave any jurisdiction is usually granted.

8.    Resuming Self Affairs

An application filed by a Ward individual to get discharged from Wardship should be made and presented to the registrar of Wards of Court in writing either by a solicitor or Ward on their behalf. That application though must be based on valid medical evidence up to the extent that the Ward is now capable of managing their own affairs while being sound on the mind.

9.    Making a will

Subjected to the Court Office’s consent, the Wards of Court can make a will if

  1. They request to make a will according to their wish
  2. They have medical evidence proving that they are capable of creating a valid will
  3. The solicitor instructed over the Ward is fully satisfied with its mental capacity

10. When a Ward dies

After the death of a Ward, and his debts have been cleared and paid, especially when the Grant of Administration or Probate has already been issued, the legal estate of that individual gets distributed following the Ward’s will statements or in other cases following the rules of intestate succession.


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