How often do you have to rent a pickup truck unlimited miles to transport or deliver something for your needs? If you do this all the time, then you are probably not satisfied with the quality of service of existing companies. Yes, today everyone can book a pickup truck rental and thus organize delivery on his own. However, have you ever wondered what it can bring you income? 

The delivery industry is a promising business area that is undergoing global changes. And you can try your hand at it as well – all you need is to have suitable transport. Small startups are constantly expanding the range of services related to delivery. So, check out a few trending ideas that can be great examples in the field of a delivery business.

Campus food delivery 

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Good Uncle is a food delivery service that serves students across 15 U.S. East Coast campuses. Users enjoy cheaper and more delicious food than they have in canteens. Students can order fried bacon, marinated steaks, and dishes inspired by the menus of popular New York City restaurants such as Ess-a-Bagel, No. 7 Sub, Joe’s Pizza, and Croxley’s.

 From Thursday to Sunday, the service is open until 3 am, and on other days it’s ready to fulfill the order until midnight, which is also very appealing to students. According to the founders, students can make both one-time orders and 5 meals a week subscription. At the same time, prices for such services are 30-50% cheaper than in university canteens.

Furniture delivery 

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The Detroit-based business project Floyd was created specifically for millennials who want to buy furniture, but do not want to spend a lot of time on it. Thanks to an optimized inventory system and a large number of warehouses, the company offers to deliver furniture directly on the day of order. 

Everything is extremely simple and convenient. Take an order through the website and receive it at home immediately. The service is now available in New York and San Francisco.

Parcel delivery lockers

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E-commerce giant Amazon has unveiled its new last-mile delivery service called The Hub. Parcel lockers are cabinets with cells for receiving and storing parcels. They are intended for residential buildings and complexes and allow you to store parcels until they are received. 

To receive the parcel, the customer only needs to enter the code and login. This eliminates the need to be at home when the postman arrives. According to Amazon, parcel terminals will be able to accept orders from all carriers. The cost of installing one hub is between $6,000 and $20,000. In addition, you will have to pay rent and maintenance. 

By the way, Amazon is not the only company that is developing this delivery direction. DHL and also launch their parcel lockers.

School catering services 

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The Real Food Lunch Club from Toronto specializes in delivering healthy meals to schoolchildren. On school days, they deliver lunches prepared using exclusively natural products. The menu has both the most popular items among children, like a chicken with carrot puree and healthy ones, like vegetarian spreads with lentil sauce.

The program was organized by the Real Food for Real Kids catering company. It has extensive experience in organizing food and knows well what children love most and what they dislike.

Healthy office food 

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Large companies have become increasingly concerned about healthy eating in the office. After all, it improves employee productivity. Desk Nibbles from Canada is an example of a company that supplies office food. Moreover, the company not only supplies all sorts of healthy goodies. It takes into account the individual needs of employees with their allergies, diets, and tastes. 

The service provides a website with a user-friendly interface. And if you don’t understand something, chatbots will help you place an order. The project can also work on a subscription basis, and supply offices with healthy food once a week.

Delivery tracking service

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The Swiss company Smart Containers Group has come up with a way to control the delivery of freight containers online. They decided to facilitate and automate delivery by using blockchain technology. Now each logistics unit has become an element of the blockchain, and the parties to the transaction can link all the necessary documents to it. 

Thanks to such a system, all parcels and goods will become autonomous objects. As a user, you will be able to track them, issue invoices through smart contracts, and pay for services in cryptocurrency.

Hyperloop cargo delivery 

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Together with Virgin Hyperloop One and DP World, architectural studio Foster + Partners have shown their vision of a high-tech future. What does it look like? In short, you will be able to deliver goods using hyperloop technology. 

The video shows a logistics complex with a place for unloading/loading vacuum capsules, which travel at a tremendous speed along lines laid between cities. The company’s ambitious plan is to connect shipping ports in Asia, Dubai, and Europe with such vacuum lines.


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