Mentorship is like a parent and child relationship. Mentors help their mentees in more than just guidance; they help their mentees to show respect, trust, and good communication.

Well, taking the help of a mentor for your trading career is a good option, as they will provide you with good knowledge about financial management and prevent you from any unnecessary risks that may give you loss in your trading. Certus Trading reviews is a trading education company with a big mission to help new traders get success in their trading career without worrying about any unnecessary risks. Certus Trading was founded by Matt Choi as a startup company but now it is one of the well-known trading companies.

Here are five things that every trading mentor should do:

Choose mentees carefully

“A mentor enables a person to achieve. A hero shows what achievement looks like,” said John C. Mather, a Senior Astrophysicist in the Observational Cosmology Laboratory at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. He has won a Nobel Prize in Physics laureate for his work on the Cosmic Background Explorer Satellite with George Smoot.

The first thing is to find the right mentee. As it takes a good amount of time to make the mentorship effective. When a mentor invests their valuable time to help their mentees then it’s required that the mentee should be energetic, ready to learn new things, and should value their mentor’s guidance. Try to find a mentee who is aware of their goals. And they should be ready to follow the path of their mentor to achieve success.

Establish a mentorship team

The one-on-one conversation between mentor and mentee is the only time when both the parties devote their time to a single mission and this will strengthen the mentor-mentee relationship. So, mentees must work along with their mentors to form a better mentorship team. This will allow mentors to provide moral and career support to their mentees and help them in achieving their future goals.

Run a tight ship

A mentor needs to invest a good amount of their valuable time to provide effectiveness in their mentorship role. The mentor should connect with their mentees to establish some ground rules that can improve their role more efficiently. Make sure to provide effective communication to the mentees to let them understand your guidance. And it also helps in improving their work performance.

Head off rifts…or resolve them

The main role of a mentor is to encourage and guide their mentees to let them achieve their goals. Whenever a mentee faces some issues or difficulties in their work, a good mentor will always support their mentees by teaching them new ways to overcome their problems and show effective results in their work.

Don’t commit mentorship malpractice

Well, some mentors misuse their position and power and become dominant on their mentees; this is not right even if the mentor was not aware. This is called “mentorship malpractice” and it can put a negative impact on the mentor-mentee relationship. If your mentor is not giving time to their mentees, or they are taking the credit of their mentees, or they are not focused on helping their mentees, then a mentee should try to find a new mentor.


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