Narak Chaturdashi is an annual celebration that is observed in the Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha, which falls in Kartik month. It is also known as Narka Chaudas Roop Chaudas or Roop Chaturdashi. According to the mythological beliefs that on this day, it is the day to honor Yamaraja, the God who is the God of Death’ Yamaraja’. Also, it is called “Chhoti Diwali since it falls on the day prior to Diwali. The people worship Yamraja to ensure better health and protection from premature death. Also, before dawn, the sesame and crab-based leaves are applied to the body. When this mixture is applied the person is free from hell and is taken to heaven.

Below we will cover everything you need to know about Narak Chaturdashi:

Rules of Nark Chaturdashi

1) On the fourteenth day of Krishna Paksha, Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated as the Moon sets. Even though the celebration is held during daybreak, it is the most popular.

2) In the event that the Chaturdashi date is on two days, Moon dawn and the break-in daytime, it is expected to celebrate on the first day. In addition, if Chaturdashi Tithi is not in touch with Arunodaya and/or Lunar Uday Then Narak Chaturdashi is to be celebrated on the day of the first day. When the moon rises or before the morning it is customary of applying oil to the sesame, and then make Yam Tarpan.

Narka Chatudarshi Worship Method

1) It is vital to bathe before you get up in the morning. Massage your body with sesame oil. After that, you can turn the plant over your head and in all directions, three times.

2) The day before Ahoi Ashtami, which falls on Kartik Krishna Paksha before Narak Chaturdashi, water will be stored in vessels. Then, on Narak Chaturdashi, this water is mixed with bathing water. This is a tradition since it is believed that one can be free from hell through this. It also shatters all crimes committed by an individual.

3) Diya for Yamraja must be put at the entrance of the house.

4) After a night of praying to the various Gods and Goddesses, oil diyas must be put in the front of the house, in front of the and at work. Laxmi ji will bless the home for eternity when this is completed.

5) In the evening, it is recommended to eliminate useless items. The belief is that the following day will be Diwali as well as the Goddess Laxmi is coming, therefore cleansing the home is essential.

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Importance of Narak Chaturdashi

The lightning diya of this day has a religious and mythological significance. This is due to the shining light of diyas reflecting the darkness of night. This is the reason it is often referred to as Chhoti Diwali.

Naraka Chaturdashi Mythological Stories:

a) Slaying of Demon Narakasura:

There was a time when there existed a monster known as Narkasur. He was a troublemaker for the entire universe of Gods as well as Goddesses. He was possessed special powers that he utilized frequently. The extent of his torture was so severe that he abducted sixteen thousand females, and then made them hostages. God was irritated by his actions and contacted Lord Krishna to seek assistance. Lord Krishna promised everyone that he would aid them. Demon Narkasura was cursed that he would be killed by an unmarried woman. Thus Lord Krishna gave his spouse Satyabhama to take down the demon. This demon died during Chaturdashi day, Krishna Paksha during Kartik Month. The women who were killed later became known as the 16 millennia queens from Lord Shri Krishna. Following the defeat of the demon, Chatudarshi was the most celebrated of all.

b) Legend of the Demon King:

In a different legend, it has been said that the Lord Vishnu as the incarnation of Vaman was able to measure the kingdom of the demon-ruled King Bali in three steps from the time from Trayodashi and Amavasya. King Bali was believed to be the ultimate donor, recognizing this, voluntarily donated all his kingdom’s wealth to Vamana. Following this, Lord Vaman requested Bali to seek an omen.

Daityaraj Bali said that Lord my kingdom, I should be able to be maintained every year during the three days that run from Trayodashi through Amavasya. In this period one who is celebrating Diwali in my realm should reside in the house of Lakshmi and give lamps to hell on Chaturdashi. The ancestors of all their relatives should not go to hell and should not endure the punishment of Yamraj. Vamana was delighted and offered him a blessing. Following this boon, the practice of Narak Chaturdashi was adopted and lamp donations began.

Narak Chaturdashi has significant importance to Hinduism due to its mythological and religious significance. It is a celebration that falls in the middle of a string of five celebrations. Two days prior to Deepawali, Dhan Teres Narak Chaturdashi also known as Chhoti Diwali, and the following day, the Deepawali festival, Govardhan Puja along with Bhai Dooj is celebrations. Through donating money and praying for this Narak Chaturdashi, one gets liberation from the terrors of hell.

What to do on Chaturdashi?

  1. Get a bath, and then wear clean and new clothes. After bathing, put tilak to your forehead with the roli. Turn your face to toward the north and then pour sesame-infused water onto Yamraja.
  2. Light diyas can be found in Mandir, Kitchen, under plants of peepal, basil, amla, banyan, and mango. Etc.
  3. Lighten the Chakra Mukhi Deepak in the direction of south and ask Yamraj to forgive us all of our sins.
  4. Lighting diyas near the entrance to your home. It is believed to be true that Lakshmi Ji will definitely enter your home If you make this move.
  5. Make sure your home is cleaned properly and tidy. Particularly in the direction of south.
  6. Pray to Lord Krishna. If one does this, they will be blessed with a beautiful complexion and face.
  7. Hanuman Ji too is a holy day. To avoid adversity the people also go to Hanuman Mandir.
  8. Light 11 diyas at any mandir today.

What are the things to avoid at this moment?

  1. Do not kill insects on this day. If you do, Yamraj will get angry at you.
  2. Use sesame oil. It’s lucky that the age of your dad.
  3. Cleanse the south side of your home. If you do not take care, yamraj will get angry and cause him to be upset.
  4. Don’t donate the oil you use on that day. This could make Laxmi Ji angry.
  5. Don’t get up until sunrise. Your virtues will be diminished when you do this.
  6. Avoid eating non-veg food.
  7. Don’t drink alcohol. It could be harmful to your health.
  8. Don’t use your feet, because it’s thought to upset Laxmi Ji.


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