dog can cause serious injury, and they need immediate medical attention. Children are at higher risk of getting bitten if they are around any aggressive dog. There can be many reasons why a dog can bite you, such as being possessive about the property, out of fear, due to pain, female dogs with maternal instincts, or dogs having a tendency to chasing bicycles or bikes. 

Most people ignore the fact that they need a lawyer who has a specialization in dog bite injuries so that they can request compensation from the owner. You can file a complaint against a dog owner’s insurance policy, but it won’t be much help because insurance companies have a way out. This is where a lawyer who has experience in dog bite cases can help you to seek justice.

Why do you need to hire of dog bite lawyer?

There could be several reasons. Mostly a dog bite lawyer is familiar with the dog bite law in and around your locality. With the right procedure, they can prove that the dog owner is responsible for paying for your injury.

Get the compensation that you deserve.

It is a very known fact that less than 1% of dog bite victims get compensation due to lack of knowledge or due to no communication skills. But, with a lawyer, the chances of getting justice to become higher. Apart from the contingency fees, a lawyer can help of victim get about 60% of the claim. They know how to present the case, and the ultimate goal is to resolve it.

Negotiate With the insurance company

Even if you file a claim against a dog owner’s insurance company, they may entitle you as the one who provoked the dog to attack. Even charge you for false claiming. Dog bite lawyers can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company in case you are not comfortable dealing with the company.

Help you understand your rights.

In the case of dog bites, there are laws that protect you against major injuries or any conflict with the dog owner. A lawyer can negotiate and come to a settlement with the dog owner, and you do not have to waste your time or take part in any argument. You might not be able to determine the cost of the injuries, but an experienced lawyer can assist you in this matter.

Proving that the dog owner was responsible

An experienced lawyer can help you with the injury-related documents follow-up and prove that the dog owner’s irresponsibility led to your injuries. They can also prove that the dog is dangerous or aggressive. The lawyer can also prove that the dog owner has broken the animal control law, and they didn’t even take the necessary step to prevent the dog from biting.

Calculation of the recovery amount

Any injury or dog attack can lead to emotional distress. It can also lead to permanent disability, loss of time, and huge hospital bills. With the help of a dog bite lawyer, you can cope with the cost and get a replacement in case of any property damage. If there is a loss of future earning capability, then the lawyer can get you a substantial claim amount. They would also help you to calculate the loss of wage during your injury recovery period.

Defend you against any acquisition

Dog bite incidents on any private property or inside the owner’s home who didn’t invite can turn around the case. The dog owner can claim and hire an attorney to defend their case. They can claim that you provoked the dog or your trespassing lead to such a situation. They get the right to sue you for personal injuries. So, a dog bite lawyer already has the experience that acts as a defense mechanism against the dog owner. They can go through a private investigation and put up evidence that supports your statement.


Hiring an experienced lawyer reflects how the case would turn out to be. If the lawyer has a high success rate in dealing with such cases, you might not have to go to court and settle the case easily. It is not just about the experience, but also a lawyer must have high standards and care about their clients. They can help you accomplish the official work or get medical evidence. Even they look for the past records about the dog owner to ensure a clear settlement. Lastly, they must be honest and transparent about the charges and time required for case settlement.


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