Cuteness is a lethal weapon for sure. Today countries like Korea, Japan, and China use this appealing weapon to customize and sell their products in the markets around the world. Adorable packaging is a killer as well. It attracts the customer from afar, lures them into buying your product without a second thought. We believe that custom waffle cone sleeves are also a great way of grabbing your customer and selling them your tasty ice-creams.

With competition lurking right around the corner, it has become very hard to sell your ice-creams easily in the market. While taste and quality does impact the customer inflow and outflow a lot, however, the real star is the waffle cone sleeves that encourage the customer to have a taste of your delicious ice-cream.

If you are worried about declining ice-cream sales, then bear with us for a while and see what solutions we have to offer you in order to increase your sales over-night.

Play upon the cuteness appeal of custom waffle cone wrappers

Customization is the king of today’s business world. If you want to lure in customers, then provide them with emotional appeal. Cute custom waffle wrapper tend to attract more children, women and young-adults towards your product. Invest your money in ordering the best, innovative waffle cone wrappers out there in the market.

Pay attention to the colors, quality and effectiveness of the cone sleeve

Food is a delicate product and needs to be handled with great hygiene. Get your cone sleeves made of material that is highly effective and helps in maintaining hygiene. You can also invest in cone sleeves that promote health and hygiene of customers that buy your waffle cones. Moreover, you can use vivid colors and different patterns to entice your consumers. Have a bright outlook and your ice-creams will sell fast!

Customize your waffle cone jackets to add more value

Customized sleeves can offer a significant number of personalization options. In addition, it can add glamour to your products. The information such as your brand’s name, logo, and tagline can be imprinted most attractively through appropriate customization. Having branded custom waffle cone jackets allow you to share all of this information with ease. It makes it possible for customers to read up on all the essential information about the cone they are consuming; it allows one to display the brand colors and elements quickly. This is great to give conscious customers health information without needing to memorize it and repeat it like a long, drawn-out checklist when they ask.

Customized waffle cone jackets also have some other benefits, like they protect your hands from getting dirty or attracting germs. You can do your branding on custom cone sleeves, as well you can place your logo and other printing to look more charming, attractive & eye-catchy so the people can recognize and cherish the love for your product.

6 ways to make your packaging cone sleeves adorable and attractive

  1. Use bright colors, tantalizing palette, and cute patterns. Print funky, yet decent quotes and give it a very catchy appearance.
  2. Use glittery paper, baby colors to attract young kids. Also print characters from cartoons that children of today are fond off.
  3. Customize your sleeves in a way that resembles cartoon figures or appealing figurines from famous characters.
  4. Stay up to date and use quality printing ink. Other than this, ensure that the material being used for manufacturing is of A-1 quality.
  5. Try to use cone sleeves that compliment the colors of your flavored ice-cream. The overall experience needs to be bright, sunny, flavorful and awesome.
  6. Take care of the themes you are using. They need to be different to attract different type of customers. If themes are not taken care of then things can go wrong as well.

Attractive waffle cone sleeves can be ordered for customization at You can talk with the customer representative for further information on the adorable packaging on waffle cones and get yours made on priority for sure. Investing in the right place right now will help you save a lot in the future. Invest at the right time starting from today onwards!

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