Save time and money with training: rental of computer equipment, projectors and sound systems

Even if you have all the equipment you need for a computer training session, you will save money by using the installation services of a computer rental company. Computer rental companies coordinate everything technical so you can focus on running your computer training program.

Trainers can become technicians very quickly when computer training equipment is not working properly.

Training managers know how difficult it can be to “fix all the bugs” before, during and after each training program.

Execution is the key to training results and efficiency. If 20% of the computers are down, you may have a training disaster on your hands.

Add up all the costs and distractions from your computer training goals. Put a value on your time, say $ 100 per hour. Now multiply the time you and your staff spent on hardware setup, delivery, installation, maintenance, and removal. Please note that all computers must have the same configuration to maximize productivity.

Here’s a quick checklist of common tasks that need to be done in every computer training session.

  1. Install the same versions of operating systems and training software.
  2. Install sound system, projectors, printers
  3. Run network cables
  4. Tape all cables together
  5. Connect to network services
  6. Test each computer
  7. Troubleshoot installation problems
  8. Diagnose and fix all problems.
  9. Service equipment during training sessions, including having spare equipment available.
  10. Upon completion of computer training, disconnect, collect, and return all equipment to various locations in your company.

How many man-hours would it take you and your company staff to get the classroom training setup, service, and teardown?

Here are some things to find out if you use a computer equipment rental software company for computer training sessions:

Find out if the computer rental company has experience with the classroom training hardware and software you need. By doing this often, they can remember all the bits and pieces that an inexperienced rental company easily overlooks.

Some rental companies will install software or “upload images” to all rental computers prior to delivery.

For example, you can have your training program software and operating system of choice installed on all desktop or laptop computers.

Have computer rental technicians test each application by following their testing instructions. This ensures that your training software will work as planned.

Make sure delivery and setup are planned well in advance of the IT training sessions.

Make sure you are covered with an on-site service program! Order additional replacement equipment, it can even be included for your computer training class! You can often get a free replacement unit!

Focus on your core competency … your computer training session.
Don’t get distracted by hardware and software problems. Let the experts focus on your core competency … computer training hardware installation and management!

Renting computer training equipment in the classroom saves time and money. Computer rental companies installed the entire classroom, with equipment that included software, at a single quoted cost.

Setting up the equipment for the training requires setting up all the processors, monitors and wiring them together with the keyboards and mice. Then there is the problem of hiding the cables so as not to appear obtrusive in a class. When installing the software, all machines must have the same operating systems and software. Then there are the audiovisual improvements. Equipment rental reduces all these hassles, as rental companies set everything up in advance. Be sure to check all equipment before training begins to avoid a classroom disaster.

When renting equipment for classroom training, it is best to have all processors at the same speed and with the same memories. This makes the entire training process run smoothly and lag-free.

There are rental companies that rent premises together with equipment. In these cases, it is not only the equipment that needs to be seen, but also the classroom itself. Rental companies also charge for the venue and why it will be used for business. Conditions matter, so check things like lighting, heating or air conditioning as the case may be, window shades, etc. Each and every aspect of the classroom contributes to the overall impression. Some rental companies also provide instructors for classroom training.


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