Covid-19 changed the rhythm of the world overnight. As the world is counting and recovering from the second or third wave of the pandemic, work from home, and online video meetings have become the new norm. While it is still not clear if the world will return to what it was before Covid-19, one thing is for sure; online video meetings are never going away soon.

But working from home does not mean that you attend your online video calls in old t-shirts and pajamas. You have to look polished like the regular office meetings. And with the dress, you can count on your accessories to add extra bling to the virtual meetings. After all, what is wrong with having some fun with the otherwise long boring online video meetings?

For some added appeal, you can let out your creative side by wearing custom design jewelry to these online meetings. Your favorite earrings, a simple diamond necklace to go with them, and you are sure to present yourself in the best possible way. Buy custom jewelry from your favorite Finer jewelry, and you are ready to rock the virtual video session with your exquisite charm.     

Now, let us have a look at how you can wear beautiful jewelry for your online video meetings.

  1. Earrings for online video calls

You might have noticed a lot of newscasters and talk show hosts wearing bold earrings. Statement earrings are a great choice for online video meetings. They instantly bring attention up to your face. The viewer’s eyes are in line with yours making meetings more lively and one-to-one. Even if you don’t wear makeup, earrings can significantly level up your looks.

Solitaire diamond studs- 

The minimalist diamond earrings are the perfect addition to your jewelry collection for online video calls. If you have tied your hair into a pony or bun, the studs are appropriate. Very small studs get lost on the camera, especially, if you have let your hair loose. The medium-sized studs are the best for work video calls.   

Diamond hoops- 

The hoops are well suited to business meetings regular or online. You can wear large hoops provided they are slim and look elegant. But stick to wearing small hoops in classic gold or platinum with channel-set diamonds. They accentuate your look and add the perfect color to the meeting. Do not wear large voluminous hoops even though they look good on your face.  

Diamond danglers- 

Stick with something shorter with unique designs. Avoid wearing large danglers that move back and forth as you speak, distracting the viewer. Choose light-weight danglers with diamonds interspersed in between to add the right amount of sparkle to your earrings.  

  1. Necklaces for online video calls

Whether you are wearing a simple shirt or an open-neck top, a delicate necklace adds shimmer to the video calls. A simple short necklace works wonders for Zoom meetings as it brings the viewer’s attention to your face and neck. Just as the earrings get the focus of the viewer on your eyes, a simple necklace brings the focus on your lips and to what you speak.

Necklace with diamond-encrusted charms- 

A small necklace with 4-5 diamond-encrusted charms makes a statement without going overboard. You can match it with similar studs making the overall look subtle and charming.

Layered necklace- 

These work best when the chains are the delicate type. Avoid overdoing it with the huge bling stainless steel stacked chains. Instead, opt for a simple gold or platinum layered necklace with small diamond pendants in one or two chains.   

Chains with pendants- 

Opt for simple chains with diamond pendants to stand out from your peers. It complements any outfit and is perfect for casual meetings.     

Avoid anything too long because it takes the focus to the bottom of the screen. Also, the chain may seem cut at the end of the screen, distracting the viewer.

  1. Rings for online video calls

You wear rings even when you are regular to the office. It is the same with online video meetings. Unlike the earrings or the pendants, the rings are hardly visible during online video calls. But if you are a person who expresses through your hands, it is good to wear simple rings on your finger.

Simple diamond solitaire ring- 

A diamond solitaire adds appeal to your fingers. The classic solitaire can be paired with anything, and it acts as a subtle statement to the meeting.

Three-stone diamond ring- 

Try something fancy with the cuts and shapes for the center and side stones. You can pair the cushion-cut center with round side stones. The three-stone diamond adds elegance like the solitaire.

Halo-setting diamond ring- 

You can also try adding a colored gemstone in the center surrounded by diamonds for your ring. It gives you the flexibility to match the center gemstone to your shirt or top.   

Avoid stackable rings when you are in a serious online video meeting. It may hamper when you want to type something on the keyboard during the meeting.

  1. Bracelets for online video calls

Just like the rings, bracelets are not that visible for online video calls. Nevertheless, you can ditch the watch and wear a delicate bracelet on your wrist. If you are wearing long sleeves, you can layer them with gold-toned diamond bracelets. A bracelet with charms all around uplifts your mood instantly and makes sure you rock your presentation in the online video meeting. Avoid wearing heavy stuff on your hands like bangles or thick bracelets. It may hamper your work when typing or expressing your point using your hand. If wearing bracelets gives you positivity, why not wear them? Never mind if anyone notices it or not. As long as it makes your day, wear them for sure.    

Bottom line

2020 has taught us many things. Embrace the change and cherish the good things in life. Virtual meetings are a necessity today. But make the most out of it by accessorizing your dress with diamond jewelry as if you would have done for a regular meeting.

Experiment with custom design jewelry as it shows your creative side. Also, custom jewelry makes you look different from others, and they will admire your choice. Your jewelry reflects what you are as a person. Show the world that you are unique.   

Your meetings may have shifted from the boardroom to your home. But the enthusiasm remains as high as it was before!

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