A marine creature known as coral reef harvests an Italian red coral gem also known as Moonga or Praval Ratna. Gem lovers prefer Moonga over other types of coral for its astrological relevance & for its large number of benefits. It forms under the sea bed & not mined. That’s why two types of red coral, the first Japanese Red Coral and the second one Italian Red Coral, are very famous among all corals. The admired red coral is popular for its basic reddish tone. The color of the stone lightens as the depth of the sea increases offering its variants to the world.

Ruled by Mars or mangal graha, red coral is a highly auspicious gemstone for being healthy and energetic. Wearing this illustrious stone ensures success in all walks of life. It comes in many shapes such as Italian coral, round shape, oval shape, etc.

Why Should You Wear Moonga?

Mars planet & mangal grah rules this precious gift from the Japanese & Italian seas. The planet of energy and ambition infuses its positivity into the stone or the wearer to overcome their adversaries or enemies. Due to its astrological and healing properties, it benefits the wearer, especially those related to its dominating planet Mars. Wearing a moonga means being energetic, strong, and ambitious. It is said that the auspicious stone is also beneficial for removing or lowering the Manglik dosh from the person’s horoscope. It lowers temperamental issues and anger problems to build interpersonal relationships. 

Other Benefits of Wearing Beautiful Italian Red Coral Gem

Increased confidence- Moonga Ratna makes the person ambitious, confident and helps him/her accomplish the goals or dreams. It can influence you as a person, changing your personality in many ways.

a) Overcome obstacles: 

Since Moonga is related to planet Mars and carries its vital energies in abundance; it leaves the person fearless and emerges as a winner in all aspects of life.

b) Wards off evil or “black magic”:

 The positive energies gained from the exclusive gem are extremely protective and save the person from evil eyes, psychic harm, and enemies of all kinds. There is strong protection against Buri Nazar and black magic with this lucky stone.

c) Improves mental health:

 Wearing a stone as priceless and valuable as a moonga can help a lot to tackle issues like insomnia, mental depression, etc.

d) Healing Qualitie:

It has several healing properties too that help an individual cope with a circulation of blood, diabetes, acne, bruises, and other skin ailments. Italian Red Coral can cure various physical health issues.

e) Meeting Career Goals:

 Natural Red Coral is just awesome for doctors, army officials, policemen, businessmen, scientists, and manufacturers for financial blessings. Natural coral also helps in overcoming debts.

f) Make Strong Relationships:

 Couples whose marital life is getting challenging can wear this auspicious gem for unity, love, and better bonding.

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Who can wear Italian red coral?

It is said that moonga gives good fortune, health, and knowledge to everyone. However, couples having problems in marital life and those who are dealing with mental health issues like hypertension and depression must use red coral for attaining benefits. 

Those who have Mars in a beneficial position are suggested to wear moonga. It is also recommended on the basis of the zodiac signs of an individual. 

Red coral blesses the person with sun signs Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces. However, it is best prescribed for Mesh (Aries) and Vrischik (Scorpio) Rashi.

Note: The suitability of the stone also depends on certain other factors like color, shape, originality, and origin of the stone.

How to Wear Italian Red Coral

The process and steps of wearing the original and the best red coral stone should be equally correct and flawless. Here they are:

1) Tuesday is the correct day to wear the natural organic moonga stone.

2) Try to be seated on an asana and facing the direction of the east for expected results. 

3) Immerse the ring made of red coral in holy Ganga water to remove toxins and improve its functionality.

4) The mantra “Om Ang Angarkaya Namah” must be chanted 108 times.

5) Finally the ring has to be worn on the ring finger of your right hand.

If an original moonga can offer desirable and positive results; a wrong one can bring adverse effects too. So, if you plan to buy a red coral online or offline from a gem dealer or store; one has to be very careful when checking the authentic certificates or any other quality proof and certificates. 


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