An air compressor is an essential part of an air suspension system in your car. This automobile component is in charge of supplying the necessary volume of gas to keep your ride at the appropriate running height. Without an suspension compressor, the air ride suspension system won’t function properly. Many car owners have questions about air compressors. Today Vigorairride Air Suspensions will try to answer the FAQs about the suspension compressor and the air ride suspension system.

This passage covers almost all you must know about air ride compressors, including what it is, replacing a compressor, etc. Here’s how we are going to arrange this article. 

  1. What is a suspension compressor in an air suspension system? The principal function of the air compressors?
  2. What are the signs of a damaged suspension compressor?
  3. How much will it cost to replace an air ride compressor?
  4. What do the best air compressors look like?
  5. Other questions about air compressors.

What is an air compressor in the air spring suspension system?

As the name implies, an air ride compressor serves to supply pressurized air for the whole air spring system. It usually works with another component known as the dryer. The air compressor inflates the air bags with compressed air. Your car can automatically adjust its riding height with the adaptable air pressure changes inside the airbags. Hence, it makes sure that you will enjoy a smooth ride.

what is an air compressor

How do I know that my air ride compressor is failing?

Air suspension compressors are not built to resist indefinitely. Natural tears happen over time, and you have to change auto parts after some time. Fortunately, various signs indicate that your air compressor is malfunctioning before it fails completely. No cars will run smoothly without working air compressors. In most cases, your air suspension system will be stuck in an inflated condition if the suspension compressor is failing. As a result, a malfunctioning compressor leads to air leaks and causes your car to droop or sag.

To avoid more severe damage forming, here are the common signs you need to notice.

  1. Your car will tend to be lower than it used to be. That is because a bad suspension compressor can’t provide your air bag suspension system with enough pressure it needs. 
  2. Abnormal noises like clicking or grinding may occur while you’re driving on the road. When strange noises happen, the problem often lies in the motor or fan in the suspension compressor assembly. You should check it out then.
  3. Most cars’ air spring suspension system is self-operated. You’re your compressor shows no response after you push the button, there must be something wrong with it. 

If you’re able to detect the problem early, chances are that you can save money. If you don’t repair or replace it, minor damages will lead to a disaster. Your entire compressor or even the whole system might break down. Without a properly functioning air ride suspension system, it’s dangerous to hit the road. 

How much is it to replace an air ride compressor?

However, replacing an air ride compressor is one of the most costly maintenance processes. If you are a frequent user of vehicles, you have to pay more attention to the air compressor. Be aware of when it is failing and when you need to have it repaired or replaced. Knowing it before it stops working at all actually will save you expenses. Because no further deteriorations will be caused. 

The cost you need to pay for the repair or replacement is determined by many factors. What is the brand and year of your car? Is it an OEM part or an aftermarket kit? Are you planning on doing it yourself or hiring an expert to do it? If you purchase an aftermarket suspension compressor repair kit, you can save the labor cost that is around 100 dollars. Yet, the part itself is pretty expensive. Hence, aftermarket components will be a perfect choice.

Features of perfect aftermarket air bag suspension compressors

Best aftermarket air ride compressors share the same good features. Keep these tips in mind before you order one online.

air compressor in suspension system
  • Direct-fit replacement on specified applications with exact OEM dimensions that needs no modifications. 

The compressors repair kits contain a compact design, integrated air dryer, etc. The best air bag suspension compressor is developed to match the function and fit of the OEM compressor. This could serve as an ideal solution for your air bag suspension compressor replacement. Moreover, it’s safe to say that some aftermarket parts even exceed OEM specifications. 

  • Durable construction and trustworthy quality.

The perfect air ride suspension compressor is designed by well-known manufacturers of automotive aftermarket excellence. All components will pass the road tests during the development phase. They use high-quality materials to guarantee a long-lasting service span and reliable performance. 

  • Ideal option with minimum noise and vibration it ensures. 

Won’t it be amazing when a replaced suspension compressor helps you regain the new car feel? 

  • Lower cost with high quality that aftermarket manufacturers can provide.

Others questions about a suspension compressor

Let’s answer some of the most asked questions about these vehicle components.

Can I drive with a bad compressor?

NO. You are not supposed to drive with a failed air ride suspension compressor. Poor air compressors mean an ill-functioned air spring suspension system. So riding around with a bad compressor is definitely a terrible idea: unsafe and unpleasant.

  • How long does a suspension compressor last?

Depends. There’s no accurate number for its service time. How often you use it, under what conditions you drive will affect the service time. Experts give the number of 80 thousand miles to 100 thousand miles. 

Is an aftermarket suspension compressor reliable?

YES. The air suspension system is no longer a new tech though it’s a creative one. International air suspension manufacturers such as Vigor Air Suspensions offer the best air solutions for global customers.


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