Beyond the best series on Netflix and HBO, you can find good content to watch on YouTube. Just take a look at the streaming platform to find individual chapters of some mythical series but you can also find stories created specifically for this website, current and engaging. Chapters that are usually short and stories that you won’t have to pay to watch. Originals or not from YouTube but all of them are available to watch online. We collect some of the best YouTube series that you can watch from any device, for free and wherever you are.

Not all the YouTube series that we compile below are part of YouTube Originals because some channels, such as RTVE with Playz, have their own content that is also freely available. But YouTube Originals seeks to be an alternative to Netflix or HBO with its own series or movies and with certain free content (temporarily or forever). Although the catalog is not as extensive as on Amazon Prime Video, Movistar +, or any other streaming platform, there are themes for all tastes: science fiction, love, comedy, or cartoons for adults or children. Watch the most famous web series shameless season 12 , it’s an American Series.

YouTube Premium

Since September 2019, the Google video platform offers some of these movies or series for free without having to pay a subscription and is open to any user. Of course, not all content is available in full and you may be “required” to subscribe to premium to see all the episodes of any of the series that we compiled below. The advantage of YouTube Premium is that you can try a month for free. So, if you want to get hooked on the best series and then you can unsubscribe at no cost.

In the event that you make the decision to subscribe to YouTube Premium to be able to see all the original episodes or series, you can do so for a price of 11.99 euros per month with the first month of free trial and without permanence. Beyond the videos themselves, you can access all the music you want and it gives you access to “YouTube Originals” in full. And there are four fundamental advantages over the no-cost model:

  • You will access all the series, without restrictions
  • Can play content in the background on your mobile or tablet
  • Will not have ads
  • You can download the YouTube series or any video to watch offline


Drama is the story of Africa, an ordinary teenager who lives with her friends who go out to party on weekends and enjoys her life and youth while giving private lessons to girls. The actress Elisabet Casanovas gives life to the protagonist who lives by the day enjoys, and who “has decided not to decide” but everything changes when she discovers that she is eight weeks pregnant. Africa is clear that it wants to have an abortion but does not want to do it alone. But rather communicate it to the father of the baby. Who is it? There are multiple candidates in her life and in a series that deals with abortion but also sex, adolescence, problems …

RTVE is behind Drama, a series on its YouTube channel “Playz”. It is the first completely bilingual Spanish series and is available on YouTube in a few episodes of about twenty minutes that you can watch at any time. A very comfortable and available format to watch through YouTube that is mainly focused on a youth and adolescent audience. If you are a fan of Elite and other Netflix hits, you will like Drama.

It has subtitles available in Spanish, Catalan, or English and you will not need to pay for any streaming platform or download any new app to see it from your mobile phone. It is a series by RTVE and El Terrat and features the intervention of Ignatius Farray, Joana Belmont, Artur Bouquets …

Year: 2020

Chapters: Six episodes

Duration: About 20 minutes per chapter

Theme : Adolescent / Society


Regardless of whether or not you decide to pay, YouTube has a number of advantages over other platforms: we don’t have to pay, we don’t have to create an account in anything new, and we don’t have to download any application that we don’t already have installed. In addition, it is multiplatform, we can see it wherever we want and the format of the chapters is usually less than 25 minutes for small free times. Read about the famous actor and composer Daniel Macchio in detail.


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