Introduction of DP- 100 Training

In less than a decade, new-age technologies have disrupted the industries and the overall perspective of human living, where everything is ruled by high-end technology these days. Companies all over the world are busy modifying their infrastructure around AI, machine learning, data science, data engineering, cloud technology, etc. This surge in technology integration has compelled tech professionals to brush up on their resumes and skills, to meet the present job market demands. On that note, in this article, we will share some essential facts about DP-100 training and certification by Microsoft, and how it can benefit an individual. 

DP-100 Microsoft Data Science Training: An Overview

DP 100 training is a Microsoft program that translates to Designing and Implementing a Data Science Solution on Azure. If you are interested in getting a certificate in Data Science then this is a good place to start. Especially the training and certification come with the credibility of Microsoft, one of the top tech leaders globally. 

The program encourages self-paced learning, owing to a flexible training module that can be beneficial for all aspiring data scientists. The completion of the training followed by certification enables a professional to develop data infrastructure and models on the Azure platform, thus enhancing the business solutions offered by respective enterprises. 

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Few Essential Facts about DP-100 Training

Before enrolling in an institute for DP-100 training and certification, you must know its basic requisites. Given under is a small FAQ on the program?

1. Who is suitable for the training and certification?

The data science certification is well-suited for aspiring data scientists, existing ones who want a credible certificate to attest to their skills and knowledge, ML scientists, IT consultants, and applications architects. 

2. What are the pre-requisites of this training program?

Knowing the following helps you to get better scores in the exam:

  • Know the basics about python (programming and libraries) and machine learning.
  • Know mlflow and Databricks. 
  • Understand and develop data models. 
  • Have foundational expertise of Azure. 

3. What does this training program include?

The Microsoft data training program enhances the following skills, and certifies the aspirant by measuring the same:

  • How to manage the resources on Azure for ML
  • Ability to run the training and experiment models on Azure
  • Run the operations of ML solutions, including model deployment
  • Implementation of ML into business models

Benefits of DP-100 Microsoft Azure Training

  • Azure is one of the leading cloud computing companies in the world with more than a 19% market share. Several enterprises leverage the platform to execute data operations, which means earning a certificate under Azure will open more job opportunities for an individual. 
  • By earning a data science certificate a professional can boost the salary package substantially. 
  • It helps tech professionals to scale growth on his/her career. 
  • Opens up a lot of avenues for professional growth globally.  


DP 100 training and certification is the launchpad that can propel your career to new heights of success. So, what are you waiting for? Get enrolled in an accredited program today and become an Azure certified data scientist. 

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