To buy their favorite action figure is desired of any kid. Some kids are like star wars, Marvel, and dragon ball Z-type characters. Also, some likewise; animated cartoon characters and the experiences these characters like they living in these characters. So, they want to get the perfect and quality action figures toys to make their playtime memorable. Let see why these action figures need custom action figure boxes

Why Action Figure Require Packaging?

Action figure play objects need proper packaging because it directly uses by kids. If these toys become dusty, then make the cause of illness and allergies in the body of people. In this regard, the use stylish and decent action figure box is the best solution to provide security to your action figures for damage. Plus, the fruitful benefits that you get from customized action figure boxes are not achievable by using premade boxes.

Things that ensure you Action Figures Security

The first thing that most matter in action figure boxes is their protection. If your customer pays lots of money and gets low-quality or damaged action figures, they never shop for your product again. So, let’s see what things make your actions figure display cases protectable and engaging. 

Go for Corrugated cardstock for Action Figure Boxes 

The use of corrugated cardstock is perfect for packing your action play objects. Corrugated boxes are made from have-duty cardboard panels that consist of zigzag flutes. These flutes are sandwiched in a two-liner board panel to protect your products from shaking and trembling in the shipping process. Plus, this cardstock is best to create single action figure display cases to showcase one single action figure for your customers. So, you can easily create a five-panel hanger, and window boxes for display actions figure boxes. Here are the flutes that are available in the market. 

  • A flute ¼” (Triple wall)
  • B flute 1/8” (Double wall) 
  • C flute 11/64” (Double wall) 
  • E flute 1/16” (Single wall) 
  • F flute 1/32” (Single face) 

Use f Bubble Cushion Wrap to Increase Protection 

Bubble cushion wrap is made from PVC plastic that has innumerable small cushions and blisters that provide space to secure your action figure, particularly in shipping. This bubble sheet is Available in various colors to protect your action figures from being shocking. 

Another form of bubble wrap cushions is also used to pack precious products to ship your products securely. But these bubble cushion looks like pillow shape and thin cylindrical shapes. These bubble cushions come in flat plastic sheets, and products manufacturers use air pumps to fill them with air then place the products inside the buffering pillow bag. It is the best way that secures your products from shaking and quivering. 

Packing Tape for Secure Action figure Boxes 

When action figure boxes are packaged in the boxes with auto-lock flaps and butterfly locks, it needs Kraft or plastic tapes to seal the boxes. Sometimes these tapes are designed customarily with the brand name. So, it makes the source of authentication and branding make your company strong. Such tapes are used when brands supply their toys at shopping malls and retail stores. Add to this, Kraft and plastic tapes are used to seal your shipping boxes to deliver your product to the customer’s doorstep. These tapes have high-quality adhesive material that sticks with the cardboard. 

Mailer Boxes is the Perfect Option to Pack Bulk Action Figures 

For shipping action figures, many designs of shipping boxes are common in the industry for customers. But the best choice is mailer boxes that are perfect for packing one large size action figure as well as multiple action figures in the boxes. Moreover, the mailer action figure box design has a strong interlocking system and double wall that make them protect shield for your action figures. These boxes are available in innumerable colors so that you can choose the right one as per your brand theme with CMYK and PMS color models. 

Pick Blister Card Packaging for Lightweight Action Figures

Blister card packaging is also the perfect option to pack your lightweight products in strong packaging. Plus, it is easy to cover blister packaging with bubble wrap and pack in durable protective packaging boxes. Apart from this, you can choose blister card packaging of 6-inch action figure cases that are perfect for hanging on the front side of the retail shop to captivate the customer’s attention. 

Use of Plastic Trays to Hold Your Action Figures 

The use of plastic trays a d Eva foam is common in the industry to pack place multiple action figure toys in one packaging boxes. It is the surpass way to hold your multiple action figure in one box. No matter what size of action figure playing objects are in the tray packaging, you can buy by offering custom size of play objects. 

Ending Thoughts 

So, this article explains things that make it easy to your action figure shipment for your customers. In this regard, you can use mailer boxes, blister cards, and corrugated material is the best way to make your shipping process secure. Furthermore, you pick Kraft tapes and other adhesives to strongly seal your boxes by using custom options. 


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