Automation of a sales force is a process that partially or entirely converts the product sales process to an automated one using advanced tools. Automation generally stays focused on cumbersome, repetitive tasks that are not urgent but still important that take up a lot of time. 

For instance, about 66.7% of sales representatives spend time on tasks that don’t generate revenue. When sales force automation takes over such roles, these professionals can work on more impactful and productive things.

SFA Goals:

Automation tools meant for SFA help sales teams to improve the sale process. In the end, the goal of SFA is to empower businesses to sell more products and increase profitability, which occurs by: 

  • Streamlining the process always to use the most efficient strategies: SFA helps make sales processes highly efficient, leading to increased sales. Sometimes, sales reps might forget to send out follow-up emails or calls. But by setting up a sales automation system, you can avoid this margin of error entirely.
  • Allowing sales reps to prioritise more impactful tasks: SFA frees up your sales team by automating mundane tasks, allowing them to pay more attention to impactful activities and roles and generate revenue and profits. 
  • Giving managers insight into sales process effectiveness and insights: SFA tools have analysis and reporting functionalities that allow sales managers to look at what works, doesn’t and needs improvement. These analysis and reporting tools are a part of almost every leading sales force automation service. They almost always lead to improved sales, higher revenue and effective sales strategies.

Benefits of Sales Force Automation:

1. Increased efficiency:

When the same person performs the same task multiple times, there are more chances of making a mistake. It’s better to perform such a task a few times and then copy or automate it for the next campaign going live. These include tasks like writing an introductory email.

2. Better time tracking and usage:

When your sales reps aren’t spending all day on mundane tasks like writing follow-up emails or responding to queries, they have more time and mind space to focus on essential and profitable roles in the sales process.

3. Ensuring no lead gets missed:

When you track leads manually using calendars or spreadsheets, you can sometimes lose important ones as they fall through the cracks. All leads get accounted for with an SFA or CRM tool, and you don’t miss even one.

4. Smart sales predictions: 

Sales forecasts analyse previous months’ records and understand the current sales database and opportunities in the pipeline to gain better insights to grab new opportunities. Additionally, SFA allows you to generate better leads through existing customers through sales pattern analysis and customer campaign generation.

5. Boosting employee retention and engagement:

When sales reps perform more productive and fulfilling roles, satisfaction rates are higher, and employees remain motivated to work.

6. Reducing workforce resource costs:

Streamlining and automating mundane tasks reduces overhead costs by saving person-hours needed on particular jobs. 

7. Allowing faster response times:

When leads fill forms on your website or other platforms, they might get impatient or disinterested if they have to wait too long. SFA allows you to contact these leads immediately.

Activities You Should Consider Automating:

If a tool or machine can perform a task as well as a human being can, consider automating it. Machines perform tasks much faster and with no margin of human error. It is best to use an integrated tool for SFA instead of multiple single-focused tools. Some of the activities you should think about automating are as follows:

  • Report creation
  • Data entry like prices or product names
  • Emails nurturing leads with the workflow
  • Lead prioritisation
  • Lead research, auto-filling lead contact information using directories
  • Call logs
  • Voicemail
  • Routing calls to sales reps
  • Calculating the cost of new customer acquisition
  • Scheduling appointments

Empowering a sales team to put their best foot forward is a clear sign of a healthy enterprise environment. By using specific digital platforms, sales teams access technology that can significantly simplify their work and success. You can see this in the growth, attention and customer loyalty that your business ultimately achieves. 


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