One of the main features to look for when buying a Tanning Studio software package is that it includes an integrated inventory management system. Effective tanning software typically has everything included in the package, which includes:

  • inventory management
  • bar code scanning
  • bar code collection
  • payroll
  • accounting details
  • inventory tracking

What Features Should be Include in Tanning Studio Software Package?

Many software packages also include features like online order placement, which eliminates the need to send printed catalogs or invoices. Inventory management keeps up with supply and demand. If there is a sudden increase in the supply of tanning beds, inventory can be easily monitored and upgraded as needed.

Some of the inventory management features of tanning salon software include bar code scanning. It lets customers enter product information at the tanning salon, order placement, which allows tanning salon customers to place tanning beds on the premises without having to wait on hold with a customer service representative, and payment options.

1.    Features in Tanning Software:

The right tanning salon software should have several other features, as well. These features make the program easier to use and more efficient. Especially for an owner who has very busy days and short notice or custom needs. Some of the key features of business software for tanning studios include:

  • appointment reminders
  • employee hours counter
  • salon scheduling software
  • digital dashboards for inventory
  • marketing tools such as messages, price boards, and much more

2.    Choose the Right Software Carefully:

When choosing tanning salon software, business owners need to realize that there are several different kinds of software available. Wellyx Software may claim to be the best software for tanning business owners. But in reality, all of these suites of tanning software are not created equally.

Business owners should consider which features they need in their software packages. They should research which products offer those features. It might also help business owners to read customer reviews before making a decision. This will allow them to see what other customers think about different software packages.

3.    Customer Support:

One of the most important features of tanning studio management software is provides customer support. Software packages often offer a toll-free number. They can contact a customer service representative should they have questions or problems with the tanning salon software.

Other benefits of this software include print-outs of clients’ appointment records, customer information, appointment reminders, and much more. Having these records available can make it easier for salon owners to create accurate customer reports and manage to bill appropriately.

4.    Inventory Feature:

Another important feature of tanning studio management software is its inventory features. This kind of software should allow a business owner to maintain accurate inventories of supplies, equipment, and furniture. Some programs have inventory features that allow customers to print out an inventory report on demand. Others allow users to import user data from another source and then create an inventory report.

5.    Simplify Business Operations:

Tanning software works best when it is used to simplify business operations. Some features of the software may even be useful for new businesses that are just starting. A good tanning software will work best if it is easy to use, intuitive, and able to manage inventory effectively. For example, some software works best when used to manage the supply of tanning equipment.

6.    Integrate with Other Technologies:

A final benefit of tanning studio software is how well it integrates with other technologies. Wellyx claims that its interactive video display software benefits both the business operations as well as customers in several ways. The interactive video screen is perfect for showing current trends and upcoming events. Wellyx also claims that its Wellyx POS system benefits salon operators by providing access to real-time POS systems.

7.    Streamline Business Important Operations:

Overall, it can be said that tanning studio software has many benefits. It allows tanning salon owners to make more money by streamlining business operations. It streamlines the supply chain and the exchange of information from tanning center operators as well as customers. With the best software, tanning salon operators manage their finances as well as track sales and profits. Finally, it benefits the entire tanning industry. Making it easier for tanning salon operators to gain more clients and build more tanning centers.

8.    Handle All Kinds of Tanning Studio Software:

Tanning studio owners should be very careful in choosing tanning software. Because it should be such that it can handle all kinds of tanning salons. It should offer features that will make it easier for the salon owners and the staff members of tanning salons to manage their tanning business. In this article, we will introduce some features of tanning studio management software that are very useful for any tanning salon.

9.    Provide Updated Information:

Tanning salons always make use of an inventory system. So that they will be able to provide their customers with the most updated information about tanning inventory as well as how much of it is left. A tanning studio is without a doubt providing the services of tanning in realistic but natural ways without sun or tanning bed rays.

Hence, the services offered by this kind of business must also require a good system or technique to keep track of the inventory. Without the use of efficient billing and inventory management software, there will be no method to manage inventory effectively.

10. Online Booking Feature:

For online salons, there is a need to have an online booking feature. This feature will give customers a convenient way to book tanning sessions. There are several features of tanning studio software that are used for online booking. First is the ability to create a virtual catalog of the tanning salon to help the customers in finding the exact service they want. Next, there is the ability to monitor the tanning sessions, sales, and earnings in real-time.

11. Maintain an Accurate Database:

The main function of inventory management is to maintain an accurate database where the clients can access the information related to tanning beds, tanning equipment, and supplies. If the information of tanning beds or equipment is not properly maintained then there are chances that there could be discrepancies between the accounts and the records. An accurate database is the only way to avoid these discrepancies. Various types of inventory management features are found in tanning studio software.

12. Billing System:

Another important feature is the presence of billings. This feature will allow the customers to pay for tanning beds using their credit cards. Billing can be done by using online banking facilities or through call centers operated by the tanning salon software.

This feature makes sure that there is an updated balance and the list of tanning beds along with their usage records in the system. Some tanning software shows details of the number of tanning sessions in the last 90 days, number of visits to tanning beds per month, number of in-house staff, number of out-of-office visits by customers, and many more.

13. Keep Track of In-House Staff:

Tanning studio software also allows you to keep track of the in-house staff. The software has the facility of creating a virtual office which helps in maintaining regular communication with the staff and management to keep track of all appointments, surgeries, stock, and sales in tanning equipment and supplies.

The in-house staff can use the virtual office for maintaining contact with their regular customers and management staff. Make it easy for the managers to track the finances and the records related to tanning equipment and supplies.

14. Details in Right Category:

The best tanning studio software will provide the facility of linking the database. So that you can easily cross-reference the details regarding the same individual. You can get the benefits of entering the details in the right categories like age, height, gender, and other factors.

The convenience of entering the details in the right categories is a great benefit provided by the software. There are several other benefits too such as the facility of entering the details by different users simultaneously. The facility of changing the color of the tanning beds as per the choice of different people is an added advantage of tanning studio software.

The benefits listed above are enough to convince you for investing in tanning salon software. To get the complete benefits of tanning studio software, you need to download it from the internet. There are several free tanning salon software show details on the net. Just make sure that you get the one which provides more benefits. Read more Tech articles on bioneerslive Tech.


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