10 Great Skills That Can Take You Ahead Of Others

The world has changed and is still changing rapidly. If you do not develop yourself, you will be redundant in this race. Without skills and expertise, it is hard to survive in this pace of work, which makes you incompetent. None of us want to face this situation, do we? People worry about jobs and move into developed cities for them, the same thing happens in Pakistan, which urges graduates of other cities to find a house for rent in Karachi once they build their career.

There are some skills with which you can survive in the competition, whether you do have any educational degree or not. You can still master these skills. Every person has a specific nature and skill set that needs a breakthrough, this improvement unleashes the hidden potential of that person. Let’s find out some of those skills that can enhance your career.


Photography has been an evergreen profession that we all know, which is required in most of the ceremonies as well as for the material of research purposes. You can join stock photography, which deals in licensed photos and videos. They are used for various purposes on websites, magazines, and other areas. You can work for a marketing firm and at the same time, you can earn in your spare time as a freelance photographer. 

Animation/Video Editor

Animation is a beautiful and amazing field if you are passionate about it. Imagine, you can earn with your hobby, you will not get bored, which in turn will keep you going. If you are not good at it, you can learn it online, where numerous paid and free courses are available. It is not that tough to learn, all you need is devotion and hard work.

Virtual Assistant/Amazon Virtual Assistant

This field has been one of the most demanded and highly paid in South Asian countries through the freelance services of Amazon. You have to learn this course from a few of the top institutes of Ecommerce. There are prominent names in its market that can teach you to make a sustainable future. 

People from all over the World that run their E-commerce business on Amazon need a virtual assistant who can manage everything from product research and competitor analysis to customer service.  

Social Media Management

Social Media is the top marketing platform at the moment, which penetrates the information in the mind of users of all ages. It is also not a typical task to do, which we all know how to operate several social media platforms. All the brands depend upon it to collect the behavioral data for custom posts. 

All you need to learn is the posting schedule of social media accounts, the prime time, and graveyard slots to make this a powerful skill. You have to post in prime time to get the most views. It is one of the coolest jobs to do. Another thing is, you can earn higher in freelancing after your working hours, you will be able to handle western firms social media pages in your non-official hours.

WordPress Development/Website Designing

WordPress has made life easy for most website developers. If you are not a web developer, you don’t need to worry. You can learn from paid and free WordPress courses online. It is one of the niche markets right now.Yes, It has some technical difficulties but you can understand once you get on with it.

A lot of people are starting businesses, which is much more than ever before. Every business needs a digital platform for its operations, we call it a Website. You can earn an immense amount of money through online orders of website development in freelancing. 

Graphic Designing

One of the most essential and mandatory fields of every business to survive in a marketing competition is Graphic designing. The better the design, the more attention your poster grabs. Nowadays, youngsters are working on their skills to master them.

A good graphic designer can grab the attention of a target market much faster than an ordinary one. If you are good at it, you can earn a good amount of money on a freelance platform. People always look for an experienced graphic designer to design their social media posts and even visiting cards.


If you have a majestic voice, there is a suitable job for you. Now you can earn by just delivering dialogues. It is one of the unique jobs that has been in demand ever since the invention of the Radio, along with TV commercials, animated movies and theatres. Youtube is the platform where most voice artists can work. Your voice can be used in DIY videos, Animated videos, Vlogs, and commercials. 

You can start your own Youtube channel for mimicry or educational purposes. There are a lot of voice-over artists that are famous on Youtube and they are earning a massive amount of money through this skill. If you collaborate with a good animator, you can make a great team of cartoon series. Think about it!

Content Writing

If you are a writing geek, this field is for you. The Content Writing umbrella encompasses several subfields like blog writing, copywriting, report writing, academic writing, and scriptwriting etc. If you are good at grammar and sentence formation with the addition of storytelling style, you are ready to jump into this field.

A content writer is a lynchpin of every visual and audible data of marketing. Whether you need words for your website or social media posts, you will have to approach a content writer for it. It is also a niche where you can begin your career. You will not believe, even native Americans and Britons look for good content writers for their respective ventures. 

Audio Transcription

If you are a sharp listener and typist, you might want to dig a little deeper and explore your audio transcription skill! This is where people need someone who could transcribe audios into documents. Subtitle editors are the best example of it where you can earn well with this valuable skill. This skill is also required in qualitative research to transcribe interviews. 

Online Tutor

It was a field where we could have seen only aged people but now it has become a well-earning platform for young teachers also, thanks to the pandemic. We curse the pandemic all the time and turn a blind eye to its benefits. Many new fields and working styles were introduced after the rise of the pandemic.

If you have great skills in comprehending and explaining topics, you can teach and earn online. Many people look for teachers who can explain maths, physics, etc. You can grab this opportunity. All you need is expertise in a specific subject, an internet connection, a laptop and some basic communication equipment. 


After all these skills descriptions you read above, you already might have made up your mind. We hope we have provided enough details about skills that can assist you to enhance your future or help someone who needs to explore their inner potential. 

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