Instagram is a social media tool but it is not limited to just photo-sharing. People are using Instagram for their brand context on social media. To cut-throat competition, no matter what you do or what’s your brands and what’s the targeted market. To compete with your competitor having more followers is a must. Getting millions of followers individually takes time and not sure if it can. Having thousands of followers shows your brand’s worth in the market. If you want a rapid boost to achieve your goal get Instagram followers. It does not just increase the number of followers but also turns you into your customers. 

As we all know about social media Scam or fraud. If you want to buy Instagram followers UK and worry about the scam, Instagram followers count checker can help you to check the followers count. It helps you to keep track of who has just followed or left. Today we will discuss the top 10 websites that help you to analyze the followers counts in real-time.

Followers Analyzer (Instagram)

Instagram follower Analyzer is a website that helps you to view which of the accounts are not following you back. Moreover, you can check who has unfollowed you yet, and who has just started to follow you. One of the best features of this app, it enables you to keep track of your followers. It helps to analyze, the track of who comments the most and engages with your content.

WowMaking’s App

WowMaking’s is an Instagram analytics app that helps to keep a record of followers and followers. This app does a great job of analyzing any given Instagram account. It can monitor any account or your account smoothly. You can know which posts perform better, how many comments, and what profile is taking much interest in your content. This follower counter app works well on almost every device very well.

Components Studios’

Components Studios is an Instagram follower count check. It is one of the most reviewed top-rated apps in this category. Simplicity, users love this app. It has some cool features that make it best to use. It is regarded as one of the powerful, accurate, versatile, and fast follower tracker apps there is in the market. This app helps to keep an eye on any account that unfollows you or doesn’t follow you back. Also, track the record of recently who followed you.


BreakerApps is one of the better features with premium upgrades and enables your posts visible to other users of this app. Using these app features, people can follow you, read your posts, comments and give feedback. Its discover feature enables accounts like you to gain more traction from another’s the source. Keep track of the unfollow accounts at the same place. It enables you to check out which accounts view your stories and not follow you back.

Prakash Desai’s

Prakash Desai’s is a Ghost un-followers app for Instagram and Fake I.G. Cleaner. If you are tired of having fake followers not tending to engage with your content. Using these app features you can get rid of those profiles. Removing fake followers, you will be indicating you don’t need just followers count but worth of customers. It helps to keep a record of those who have not engaged with any post of you and have unfollowed you.

 Mobile X made Reports + Followers Analytics for Instagram

This is one of the best follower’s analytics apps for Instagram followers count. It comes along with plenty of features such lets’ you check out what they are offering and see how they deliver it. This application provides you with information about every individual account. It keeps a record of your follower’s losses so you can claim for the follower’s count. It helps to know about every individual post which one is performing better. You can schedule your post and remove fake followers count.

Appyfurious LLC’s Tracker  for Instagram

Appyfurious LLC is a followers count tracker that helps to track your Instagram account in the best possible manner. You can keep a tab on who’s engaging in your content. It also enables you to keep a record of your post which post is performing better. Moreover, by keeping a record of your follower’s count, you can remove the fake followers count from your profiles.

Quadro Tools

Just like other Instagram followers counts trackers, this android app includes ads. It is one of the popular apps and enables you to keep a record and manage your Instagram account. Keeping your followers engaging, you can remove the fake followers and claim to the new one.


This is one of the quite famous apps for the Instagram followers counts category.  It takes decisive actions against followers or accounts with proper data insights and analytics. Helps to keep followers growing. Analyze for the original counts and remove the fake followers.

CC Sots’s

This Instagram followers counts app is developed by CC Soft. It is one of the best followers counter apps that enable you to keep a record of your Instagram posts, followers, with these amazing analytics apps. There are no limitations to as such for following, unfollowing, or blocking/unblocking accounts.


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