This is the same question I have been asking myself over again since I purchased my HDTV; the reason why does the YouTube screen go black? Is it just me or does it happen to everyone when they use a HDTV? It happens to me sometimes, and other times it happens randomly. The thing is though, that it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact there are ways to fix it, and I will explain them to you below.

One of the most common reasons why YouTube screens go black is because people use Windows Movie Maker. This software is great for creating videos but it also has the ability to open and view videos from a variety of sources. So if you’re watching a video on your HDTV, it may not show up while you are using Windows Movie Maker. If you just open the video in this software instead of watching it directly in YouTube, it should work just fine.

Most people are using Windows Movie Maker

The problem is that most people are using Windows Movie Maker on a computer that isn’t always turned on. To fix this, you just need to restart the computer and make sure that it’s turned on. After that, make sure that you have the latest version of Windows Movie Maker and try again.

Another reason why YouTube blackouts is because you might have incompatible drivers. Sometimes your video player just won’t work with the system you’re currently working on, causing it to go black and white. To get it back online, you can either download drivers from the website and put them in the appropriate slots, or you can use a program like Driver Detective to find the exact ones that you need. After downloading and installing the correct drivers, your video player should start working again.

The final reason why YouTube blackouts can occur is if there is a virus on your system. This will mostly affect Windows but is also true for Mac and Linux computers. Basically, this type of virus corrupts the files it needs to run, preventing it from being able to read the data it wants to show. To remove the virus, just remove all of its programs and it should be back to working again.

Occasionally, YouTube blackouts can be caused by spyware

Occasionally, YouTube blackouts can be caused by spyware. These can be hidden on your computer and only known by the name “Fraudulent Software” or “Spyware”. To fix this type of problem, you just need to first get rid of the fraud program. If you can’t do that, then your computer should be able to run much better afterwards.

Troubleshooting can often be a very confusing process, especially with something as important as YouTube. However, even if you’re not a technical person, there are many resources out there that can help. Many people have found tutorials or guides that actually fixed the issue by themselves – however, if you’re not one of those lucky ones, then it’s worth paying a small fee to fix the problem for you. Not only will this stop you from being troubled with the same problem ever again, but it’ll also give you some peace of mind.

When you have a question like, “Why does the YouTube screen go black”, it’s always best to check out one of these guides. They will have the information you need to solve any type of blackouts on your computer. There are a lot of people out there who have issues with YouTube, so if you’re affected by them, it’s time to get that system working right again! Check out our quick guide below to find out how!


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