If we talk about one of the scariest times that any individual faces in their lifetime, it would be the demise of their loved ones. People have so many mixed feelings, affection and much more. It’s so rightly quoted that all the memories shutter back in front of your eyes when your person is gone. That feeling of being unable to hear them, see them, or feel them close to you is devastating. To put a peaceful end to the departed soul, people perform funeral ceremonies. People acknowledge a funerals to mark the beautiful moments of the departed’s life, to pay respects, and to seek blessings. Funerals prepare the deceased person’s loved ones to part their ways by finally saying him the last goodbye. It is not easy but it is a part of life and something very natural. Funerals help us in considering the situation, feel what is going around and also helps us in feeling the absence of our loved one. This is something that a person is always unprepared for, this unforeseen uncertainty impacts your body most devastatingly. The funeral service cost is very affordable. Lately, it depends upon the whims of the family, how they want to pay last rites to their deceased person. Funerals are important and compulsory and not are just performed voluntarily. It is a ritual that has to be performed by the family members. 

Let us know in detail that why people perform funeral services:- 

To say a final goodbye

In the funeral ceremonies, the friends and relatives of the loved ones come from various parts of the country to just bid a final goodbye. It is the love and affection of the people that attracts them to see their gem for the last time and feel their absence for life. It helps in marking the beautiful life of the deceased person, the memories that they have created together and the love that they have shared. All those memories come flashing back in tears. 

To be in touch with reality 

Funerals are a reality check for the family, friends, relatives and the loved ones of the deceased person. We have always heard that birth and death are a part of life, but to witness it and feel it is another thing. When you see someone close to you closing his eyes forever, you will feel those aches in your heart3. This reality check will help you to realise the importance of each and everything that goes around you. 

Support the family of a deceased person

When people come and pay their respects to the departed soul, it helps in considering the friendship and relationships that the deceased had created over time. It helps in lending a  kind of mental support to the deceased person’s family. When they will witness that their son, daughter, mother, the father was loved 

by so many people, it will help them to reconcile how generous a person he was. 

The above listed are the major reasons why people perform funerals activities. It is mainly to mark the death of the loved one and to pay them tribute and mourn about the uncertain situation. The funeral arrangements cost is minimal. Such situations can arise out of uncertainty but you don’t have to worry about the financial costs.


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