Rehabilitation is a term that defines a person’s process of regaining their abilities lost through drug use. Do you know what rehab clinics are? When the use is intense to the point of making the person lose some of their abilities, such as cognitive ones, rehabilitation clinics are necessary for the patient’s recovery process. When this process is successful, it helps the patient to fully recover from the harm caused by the drugs.

Thus, these environments can also be used to solve more than cognitive problems (physical ones too). In this way, many clinics work to rehabilitate individuals suffering from drug addiction and illnesses caused by frequent use. 

Recovery time in rehabilitation clinics 

Generally, recovery time in DeAddiction Centre in Mumbai can vary from person to person. Thus, we understand that, as each human being is different from the other, they also have different needs, which leads to the differentiation between periods.

In addition, many patients also require more than one form of treatment to fully recover from their addiction. And, of course, the good results of treatment in rehabilitation clinics also depend on the individual’s motivation and the help of their families. It should also be kept in mind that substance abuse is a chronic disorder that is at risk of relapse. Therefore, having the treatment only once will not be enough.

Therefore, it usually involves treatment for a much longer duration, as well as other types of treatments, depending on the effect and response of the treatment. Still, it is important to emphasize that there are methods that are followed and effective. Thus, they aim to recover the patient from the physical to the mental and spiritual factors, providing the best possible readjustment to social life.

Research in rehabilitation clinics 

A lot of research is done to discover the factors that lead to these addictions. In this way, rehabilitation clinics employ different methods to treat different patients. That is, there are many treatment methods so they are tailored based on the patient’s illness, type of drug, and life history. So, as we talked about before, each individual is unique and, for that reason, elements such as the time required for treatment can vary from person to person.

Think, for example, of a patient with a long history of rehabilitation. In this case, it usually requires additional time and specialized treatment. As such, this type of patient may need a residential inpatient program that provides 24-hour care alongside other patients. Furthermore, it is important to remember the types of treatment, which can be voluntary, involuntary or compulsory.

How to deal with withdrawal symptoms?

Many patients in rehabilitation clinics have many symptoms such as: 

  • violent reactions 
  • aggressive behavior 
  • loss of appetite 
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss

However, everyone with such symptoms is not necessarily addicted. As such, they may be suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of constructive perspectives on life. So psychology plays a big role in drug rehabilitation centre in Thane. In addition, it is also necessary to keep patients away from people and places that could worsen their addiction. Therefore, it is sometimes better not to choose rehab clinics close to the patient’s home. Thus, moving to another city can be a good alternative to get out of the addict’s routine and social circle.


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