This is the digital era, where every one of us blindly relies on influencers. Before trying out anything or before making any purchase, we make sure to ratings of the place or the products. In the same way, the brands check the ratings of the influencers before collaborating to make sure that they provide good services and is safe to work with them. This is the digital generation, so considering this is important for the brands.

The online ratings will give influencers value in the market. Also, this will help in depicting the skills and knowledge that influencers have. These ratings will help the brands to make their decision to collaborate or not. Plus, the brands will get an idea of how ideally the influencer can handle big projects. There are many best influencer marketing platform in India where brands can provide ratings depending upon the services provided by them. This will help the other brands to take their collaboration decision. The brands who have worked previously with the influencers can rate them from five stars to one star, five being the excellent and one being the poor. But here is one thing that only those brands can provide rating who has worked with them on any project. Also, never come to the conclusion that influencers with no rating will turn out bad for your brand. They might be fresher on this platform, so try to give them a chance as well.

So before rating, the brands need to consider the following factors:


This is a basic fact that original content is given more value than the copied one. Genuine and original content is loved by the people who will help in higher engagement. It all depends upon how creatively one thinks.

Content quality-

It is important for the influencer to make content that can be relatable for the general public. When the public is able to relate, they will show more interest in the product or service. So make sure that the brands should focus on the quality of content provided by them.


It is important for the influencers to value time. They must meet their commitments on time leaving their tasks on time. This will help in building a positive image in front of the brands. The brands need to strictly follow this factor.


In this digital era, it is important for the influencer to engage with their followers. This will help them to retain their customers and will also them to have a loyal base. This will make them follow the things they use or prefer. This will lead to higher engagement. Brands will strictly access if the posts have reached their target audience or not.

Persuading power-

Before rating, the brands need to see to what extent their followers follow them. The brands can see the past content and see how their followers have reacted. This will help the brand to rate them accordingly.

So above are some of the factors to be considered before rating any influencer. The brands need to observe everything and should not rush while coming to any conclusion while rating at influencer marketing platform.


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