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Buying a Tablet

Tablets are useful gadgets designed to bridge the gap between smartphones and laptops in terms of functionality and size. Tablets are great for internet browsing, email, and entertainment. They come in a huge variety and can be put to several uses around the home, work, and travel.

However, while they are cheaper than a laptop computer, a tablet is still an expense worth thinking about.

Let us try to weigh up the pros and cons of buying a tablet to help you make an informed decision.

Pros of Buying a Tablet

They are light and portable

The biggest advantage of buying a tablet is its light weight and portability. Whether you want to take care of some work away from the office or like to stay entertained during travel, tablets do it all.

Some of the latest Samsung tablet models and advanced models from other brands are built to be extremely lightweight, so it is quite easy and strain-free to carry them.

Moreover, tablets generally have screen sizes ranging from 7 to 12 inches which means they easily fit into carry bags, backpacks, and briefcases. Today, you can find the best tablet under 20000 to find the middle ground between a smartphone and tablet to enjoy these features.

They offer connectivity anywhere, anytime

Some of the most powerful Samsung tablets are designed to handle tasks that require good internet connectivity. As long as you buy a 4G/5G tablet, you get rid of looking for cafes and libraries offering free WiFi. This benefit makes tablets ideals for professionals who require sharing documents, checking emails, and receiving updates all the time.

They are affordable

Tablets are today one of the most affordable gadgets available. It is easy to find a fully functional tablet with the latest configuration and specifications at pocket-friendly prices today. If you look at the options for the best tablet under 20000, you would find they offer the best in terms of processor, screen resolution, camera, battery, memory, and storage.

They wake up instantly

As compared to laptops, tablets start much faster in about 2-5 seconds. In a power-on mode, a tablet can wake up instantly to avoid any waiting times when you want to accomplish something quickly.

They are ideal for web browsing

Quick wake-up and portability together make tablets ideal for internet browsing, particularly when you are on the go. For example, you can easily look for a recipe, take your tablet to the kitchen and start cooking.

They are great for kids

If your kids want their own gadget to play games, browse the web and watch videos, a tablet is a better choice over a smartphone or laptop. Samsung tablet models start at low prices which means you get plenty of options in the budget to give your kids something simple and inexpensive.

You can also explore the best tablets under 20000 loaded with 4G connectivity to give them the feel of a smartphone. Tablets are widely accepted for online education as they let children access learning material in real-time.

Cons of Buying a Tablet

They can break

Tablets generally have thin glass screens not intended to withstand shocks and impacts. These devices are moved around a lot due to their lightweight and portable design, so there is always a risk of breaking from bumps and falls.

They don’t facilitate multi-tasking

While a tablet lets you handle some work tasks away from the desk, it has limited capabilities compared to a laptop. If you are somebody who keeps a large number of browser tabs open at a time or tend to switch between programs to multi-task, a tablet might disappoint you.

They have low processing speeds

Though some of the latest Samsung tablet models come loaded with everything you need to give great presentations and play games, they are limited in terms of processor speeds when compared to a laptop.

This means intense activities like video rendering, image editing, and others may not function well on these portable devices. However, today, it is easy to find the best tablet under 20000 with powerful processors delivering impressive speeds.


Despite a few limitations, tablets are certainly one of the most useful devices these days, serving a wide variety of purposes for different individuals. They are fun and easy to use and come in great varieties.

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