The healthcare facilities in the United Arab Emirates is so advanced that people from across the world visit the country for various treatments. Therefore, when people think about investing in Dubai (UAE), it is believed to be one of the most promising industries here. In addition, Dubai offers outstanding medical services, whether one chooses private or public sectors. This encourages many investors to think of starting a medical and healthcare business in Dubai.

Before you start planning, you must first try to understand the types of healthcare business setups in Dubai and obtain a healthcare business license.

Why Dubai for a Healthcare Business?

There are several benefits of starting a medical and healthcare clinic in Dubai. Strategically located, this vibrant city of UAE offers an excellent investor-friendly environment. Moreover, it also provides an exemption from taxes, ease of setting up a business and professional work culture.

What are the Types of Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai?

There are several types of healthcare and medical areas where people can invest in Dubai. If you are willing to start a healthcare business in Dubai, below mentioned is a list of such healthcare fields you can choose to invest in:

  1. Ambulatory Centres
  2. Healthcare Investment Management
  3. Professional Development Training
  4. Higher Education Providers
  5. Medical Publishing
  6. Non-Profit Healthcare Organization
  7. Private Clinics and Hospitals
  8. Healthcare Consultancy

The Dubai Healthcare City

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), a dedicated free zone, can provide you with all the benefits of establishing your healthcare business setup or clinics/hospitals in Dubai. The two categories it focusses on are:

  • A wellness community that spans an area of 19 million square feet
  • A medical community spanning an area of 14 million square feet covers outpatient clinics, commercial and retail offices, and hospitals.

What is the Process to Start a Healthcare Business in Dubai?

To set up a clinic or hospital in Dubai, you need to follow the below-listed process:

  • Determine the legal structure or business type of your clinic. You can either set up a branch or a Limited Liability Company (LLC).
  • Choose a name for your medical facility.
  • Get the name legally registered.
  • Submit a copy of your investment plan along with the necessary supporting documents to the respective free zone administration.
  • Give in the board decision of shareholders.
  • Submit Memorandum and Article of Association signed by all the shareholders.
  • Get a legal agreement signed at the DHCC office.
  • Apply for a healthcare business license in Dubai.
  • Make the payment of fees after your application and business plans are approved.

What Documents are Required to Obtain a Healthcare Business License in Dubai?

To start a healthcare business in Dubai, you will need a license. Therefore, keep all the necessary documents handy for smooth and easy processing. Note, you will have to submit documents as per the type of business entity you choose.

  • Proof of Trade name reservation.
  • Certificate of initial permission for the business activities.
  • Passport copies of all the shareholders and the manager.
  • Copy of the manager’s resume.
  • Personal information documents of each shareholder and the manager.
  • Lease agreement proof.
  • Notarised Memorandum of Association
  • Power of attorney for appointing the business advisor.
  • Articles of Association from the UAE Embassy at the current location.
  • The physical location address of your medical facility.

Benefits of Starting a Healthcare Business in Dubai

  • World-class infrastructure.
  • Professional working environment.
  • Easy access to advanced setup in the healthcare sector. 
  • You get 100% foreign ownership of your company.
  • No need to pay any income or corporate taxes.
  • No customs duties for goods or services.
  • The city offers an array of customised real estate solutions.
  • Many opportunities to collaborate with other investors working in the same sector.

Need Assistance for a Healthcare Business Setup in Dubai?

The above information will help you understand how to start a healthcare business in Dubai. However, for better clarity and assistance, you can hire a professional consultant for business setup in Dubai who can help you in the whole process from planning to obtaining permissions and approvals till acquiring your license and setting up your healthcare unit.


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