This app offers free and for-fee services. The basic services include scheduling tweets, tracking keywords, shortening links, and deleting all messages from your direct messages at once. Additional features include expanding and securing your twitter video download online reusing drafts, and managing multiple accounts. The site has a simple interface that makes signing up, logging in, and using the site easy to do. Additional features you can get for a fee include automate following new followers back, visiting new followers’ profiles, and sending direct messages to new followers. However, I advise against opting in to any automated DM-sending service.

This site bills itself as a “Social Media Dashboard.” It supports several different social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ping, Myspace, Foursquare, WordPress, and Maxi. It has a basic option, which is free, and a pro-options, a month. You can view multiple streams for each account you include. For example, with your Twitter account, you could view the main stream, mentions, direct messages received, direct messages sent, tweets that you sent, and scheduled tweets. It also offers tools so you can view your statistics. However, some of these tools are available only on Hootsuite Pro. There are also Firefox and Chrome extensions and add-ons that can be installed. In addition, there are some choices for downloadable desktop applications as well.

Buffer is a free web-based app that works with both Twitter and Facebook. If you don’t have anything to say, you can click “Suggest an update” and it will auto-populate one for you. They typically say something about using Buffer or give a quote. You set the times you want your tweets to go through. However, you can only schedule one tweet per time slot. The purpose of this is so you don’t flood your followers with tweets and links if you choose to use it.

Import your blogs into your Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and other accounts with Twitter feed. It’s free to register. You need to know the RSS feed address for your blog. Give your feed a name. Don’t make it too long because it counts in your 140 characters that Twitter gives you. Enter the feed address and click “continue.” You will need to authenticate your account with Twitter so Twitter feed will have permission to publish the feed to your account. Click “create service.” It will take you back to the top of the page so you can add additional accounts if you want to. Otherwise, click “All Done.” The next page gives you a confirmation of the information you’ve entered. If it’s all correct, go to the Dashboard so you can track your results.

Tweet Deck is a third-party platform that streams tweets according to the way you want them. You can have one or more columns. A usual setup has columns for your main Twitter feed, friends, direct messages, and any hashtag searches you have going. The design is a black background with a white print. You have to install Adobe Air, free from for it to run.

Digby is a multi-platform, multi-function application. It allows for feeds and announcements from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others. It also collects your e-mail and chat functions, such as ICQ.

Seismic is compatible download video from twitter systems. It has a similar functionality to Tweet Deck with multiple columns allowing you to customize how you want to use it.

There are many other third-party mobile, web-based, and desktop Twitter applications than what we have talked about here. The one that is best for you is the one you find the most user-friendly. Personally, I prefer to use Twitter directly on the website. You might prefer one of the other options discussed here or even another you find yourself traffico anomalo google



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