Many people may be wondering if it’s necessary to replace the ssd in their xbox one. The answer is that for a lot of people, there really isn’t a need to do so unless they’re experiencing issues with the current SSD. If you are experiencing problems such as frequent crashes, slow load times or other bugs, then replacing the drive might be worth your time and money.

1. How to identify if your ssd is bad

When the Xbox One boots up it will give you a message saying ‘Do you want to turn on storage mode’. If your xbox one fails to recognize the drive, you may have an issue with it. Replacing this type of ssd is simple enough but if you’re not confident in doing so yourself, I recommend taking it into a repair centre.

2. Xbox one operating system storage

If your xbox one is crashing, you are experiencing slow loading times or have other issues with the OS, it’s likely that the drive has failed. I do recommend trying out the game disc before reaching this conclusion as sometimes games can be incompatible with certain consoles (I’ve had to return a game because it wouldn’t work on my Xbox One). Before replacing the drive you can try playing certain games, if most of them are working with no issues then it may not be the ssd that’s the problem.

3. Replacing your Xbox One ssd is simple enough

Replacing your Xbox One hard drive isn’t difficult at ‘ll want to take extra care not to damage them. You’ll then need to go into the xbox one’s settings and move all your data over to the new drive. I recommend backing up your game saves before this because it can be a lengthy process. The best way to back them up is plug in an external hard drive, go to settings > system > manage storage > games & apps and upload them to the external drive.

4. Xbox One ssd vs HDD

It’s probably worth noting here that if you want to make your Xbox One faster and more reliable in general, an upgrade from a mechanical drive (HDD) to an SSD is definitely the one to go for. The only reason I can’t recommend it yet is due to the fact that it’s currently a rather costly upgrade.

I hope you found my article helpful in understanding how to identify if your xbox one ssd (hard drive) is bad and how to get better performance from your console. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and I will try my best to answer them.

5) Best external hard drive for xbox one

The best external hard drives for Xbox One is a pretty hot topic at the moment as Microsoft themselves have been selling some from their online store. The great news is that most of the drives are the same size. Don’t go for a drive bigger than what you think your console can handle, they’re all USB3 compatible so there’s no reason to spend more on a bigger drive. A good amount of games will fit on even the smallest hard drives with prices starting from just £60/$60.

I would recommend going for a Seagate or Western Digital HDD and here is my top three:

a) Xbox One Portable 2TB USB 3.0 – £80/$92

The best hard drive I have come across so far, it’s considerably fast, has a great build quality and the games load incredibly quick! It also comes with a 2 year warranty from Seagate which can’t be said for a lot of other hard drives. If you want a fast and reliable HDD, this is the one to get.

b) Xbox One Game Drive 2TB – £79/$92

The next best option but won’t load games quite as quick as the Seagate portable drive. It looks pretty good, has a 2 year warranty and is USB3 compatible. 

If you want to save some money this drive is around £20 cheaper than the Seagate Portable one.

c) Xbox One 500GB – £60/$60

This option is for those who are looking for the cheapest ssd for xbox one but doesn’t pack much of a punch in terms of performance (which isn’t too big of a problem). 

It can be used wirelessly or wired with an Ethernet cable, looks pretty good and you get to choose your colour (red, green or blue). Another benefit is that it comes with an adapter for the Xbox One controller so you can plug in USB drives. 

If you don’t want external storage I would recommend the Toshiba Canvio Connect II portable hard drive. It’s very fast, has a 2 year warranty and is USB3 compatible (so it should be used with the Xbox One S).


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