New York Tips for Travelers: What to Know Before Traveling

Those who follow the PI already know: sometimes, without warning, those unbelievable promotions appear! And in June 2019, we shared one of these unique opportunities: round-trip tickets to New York starting at $878. Well, you didn’t read it wrong. And, as lovers of the North American metropolis, we could not be left out of it.

So check out this post for precious tips that will make your trip to New York much more enjoyable.

United States and Bureaucracies:

Traveling to the United States requires a bit of organization. So that you don’t get caught off guard, we explain three essential – and bureaucratic – points that you must resolve in India. Here’s the first of our New York tips for Indians!


To travel to the United States, you must have a passport valid for six months on the date of departure. We recommend that you always check your documents to avoid scares. If you need to get a new passport, we explain all the details in 7 simple steps.

American visa:

In addition to your passport, you must have a valid US visa to travel to New York! The process for obtaining a visa is a little more complex than for a passport. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible, it’s not even necessary to wait to have the trip booked to resolve this issue. We explain the details in a complete step by step to get the US visa.

Remember, however, that a US visa alone is no guarantee that you will enter the United States. As in all other countries, when traveling abroad, you go through immigration! What they want to know is only if you are able to afford your trip and if you are going to return to your country of origin.

This is a common step, in which it is important to remain calm, answer all questions and, above all, have the documents and receipts that serve as proof of your intention to travel. Some examples: hotel reservations, attraction tickets, credit cards, return tickets and even a travel itinerary.

Travel insurance:

If you already have your passport and got your visa, the bureaucratic part is almost finished. Now, before traveling to New York, it is necessary to take out travel insurance!

It’s not just a matter of bureaucracy, but also security. In the United States, there is no free healthcare system. In other words, if you have an accident or need a doctor’s appointment, the bill can be ridiculously expensive. Avoid taking that risk.

We even wrote a post explaining better the reasons why travel insurance is so important. For Visa issues Consult here

Tips: Quote your travel insurance with a reliable company that we use ourselves!

General information about New York
As this is another country, both the local culture and some basic issues are usually quite different from those in India. In this sense, it is worth paying close attention to these New York tips for Indians. After all, by following them, you will enjoy your trip to NYC with much more peace of mind.

American currency:

The currency used in the United States is the US dollar. The symbol is the US$. In September, when we made our trip to New York, the quote was US$1 = $4.14 (which we used in this post). Want to know how to get the best exchange rate for international travel? We teach how!


All values ​​quoted in this post correspond to those of the time we traveled. They serve as a reference to help you plan your trip. Therefore, at the time you are going to embark, research the exchange rate and prices then in effect.


Tips, are very important in the United States. When traveling to New York, or any other city in the country, put a value in your exclusive budget for these add-ons. On average, the tip is 10 to 20% per service, but it can be more, depending on the location. On some accounts, the establishment suggests 18% to 22%.

You should give tips on taxi rides, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, among other services where you are directly served by someone.

  • 10% tip: amount paid for unsatisfactory service.
  • 15% tip: extra paid for satisfactory service.
  • 20% tip: added value in case of excellent service, which exceeded expectations.
  • A detail: the tips charged in restaurants or pubs appear as suggested, that is, include the amount in the final payment, according to your satisfaction with the service.

For deliverymen, valet parking, luggage carriers and maids, among others, the average tip is US$ 5 ($ 20.70), for a good help. If it’s not so cool, the value can be US$ 2 ($ 8.30).

Tips: when traveling abroad, you must adapt to the country’s culture. In the United States, tips are serious business, so the suggestion is that you pay. New Zealand Visa Tips

Taxes (total purchase amount)

Do you know the value you see indicated on certain products, whether on the shelves or on the menu? When shopping in New York, you must also add a tax rate! And it varies by region. In New York, 8.875% is charged, as informed by the New York government.

And how does this tax work? It is added to the final value of your product. For example, if you buy a $100 cell phone, you’ll end up paying $108.87.

Tips: to make billing easier and faster, add 10% of the value to the final price of the product. Ex.: $100 + $10 = $110.

The good news is that certain items are tax free in New York, meaning they don’t have 8.875% more in value. Some of the products that do not pay fees:

  • clothing and shoes up to $110 each;
  • unprepared and packaged food products, diet foods, certain beverages and health supplements sold by food markets (see 4 food markets in NYC);
  • diapers;
  • medicines and medicines for people.
  • The tax exemption for these purchases in New York applies to anyone, that is, both tourists and locals.

Another way to take advantage of tax-free, reduced fees and direct price discounts is to visit New York outlets.

Standard outlets in the United States:

We recommend that you always have a universal adapter nearby, right in your handbag. Anyway, know that the voltage in New York is 110V.

The model of the socket is the so-called type B, with two flat pins and one round.

Adapters can be purchased even at the airport, in the range of US$ 8 ($ 33.20). If you prefer, you can take it from India. Another alternative is to buy in street stores or large chains, such as Best Buy.


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