Gone are the days when you used to send paper invites for your wedding. Sending video or ecards invites for your wedding is a new trend and there are so many reasons why people love this. You will save a lot of time and money and have a quick turnaround for your invites. So, if you are also going to for this way, there are certain mistakes that you should avoid when you are going to send wedding invite video to your guests and relatives. We are going to mention them below s that a look at them.

Sending invites too soon or too early

Well, wedding invites are very important, and you do not want to make any mistakes while you are sending them. You should choose the right time when you should roll these wedding invites. You need to have a final headcount for your wedding. So, it is best advised to send these wedding videos or ecard invitations two to three weeks ahead of your wedding. This will make sure that you are not sending it too soon or too late. This will also give time to the guests to RSVP to your invites on time.

Right information

The next big this that you cannot just avoid is making sure that the information that you are going to have on the wedding invites is correct. Always make sure about that. The venue, the dates, and names, and so many things are there, and you should always cross-check all the things before you start sending out wedding invites. Make sure you do not forget to put any information that is required.


Yes, this is mentioned as a different point because this is going to be overlooked many times and can cause issues later. You need to proofread your wedding invite very carefully s that there is no spelling, grammar, or any other kinds of mistakes. This can be embarrassing, and you should avoid it at any cost. You can show the final one to your parents, fellow partners, co-workers and other relatives just to be very sure about this.

The design

The above-mentioned things are very much necessary when you are going to send the invites to your wedding. You should always give extra time while selecting the design of your wedding card and make sure that this matches your theme. You can choose from so many designs that are available in the market. Think of the colour scheme and avoid going over the top for your invite.

So, the points that we have mentioned above are going to be very helpful to you. So, keep them in mind whenever you are going to send the invitations to your guests. 

Always choose the best place where you are going to make your wedding invites. This will make sure that you have no issues when your wedding is coming closer. Choose the wedding invitation video maker and have the best wedding invite for your upcoming super wedding and impress everyone with your choice.


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