Database management has emerged as one of the most coveted pathways for IT professionals, with enterprises relying mainly on their databases to function. If you are trying to build a career in this field, an Oracle certification would be extremely valuable. Although one of the older database systems, Oracle still finds application in various major companies. Hence, the Oracle certifications are still quite relevant to IT professionals. 

What are the benefits of acquiring an Oracle certification?

An Oracle certification is undoubtedly worth acquiring and would have great value in a professional’s career. Some of the reasons why you might want to consider pursuing one of these certifications are:

  1. Better employability

Considering the widespread acceptance of Oracle certifications, it would undoubtedly make you more employable. Depending on the certification you obtain, you would become eligible for a variety of job openings. Moreover, the certificate would validate your skills, showing the employers that you could be an excellent addition to their team.

  1. Development of skills

An Oracle certification course would give you an in-depth understanding of various concepts regarding the technology stacks. It would not only help you develop a strong foundation in this field, but you would also be able to grow your skills to a great extent. Ultimately, it would make you a much more skilled professional with significant expertise. 

  1. Growth opportunities

Better skills automatically result in higher growth opportunities for professionals. You would be able to progress through your career quickly, earning promotions for high-skill roles. Valuable certifications such as these also increase the chances of securing promotions by setting you apart from your colleagues. 

  1. Recognition

Oracle offers a digital badge to candidates successfully obtaining the certifications. You may put up these badges on your social media profiles, including those you might be using for professional purposes. The badges display the specific skills you have acquired, thus helping you stand out from the crowd. Ultimately, an Oracle Certification would help you gain recognition among the community of IT professionals. 

  1. Better remuneration

Developing additional skills and getting them validated through such certifications make you more valuable to a company. Thus, your employer would be willing to pay you more to keep you as a part of the organization. Pursuing an Oracle certification course can therefore help you earn a better salary and more benefits.

  1. A validation of soft skills

The very purpose of a certification is to validate your skills and knowledge on the specified topic. However, in addition to the hard skills, it also validates various soft skills that you would need to join leading companies. For instance, when a professional with an OCA certification applies for a job, the employer would know that the candidate is hard-working and willing to learn

How do Oracle certifications make you a better candidate for a job?

It is quite evident in the above section that an Oracle section can improve your employability and potentially make you a preferred candidate for a job that you may apply for. Now, there are multiple reasons why employers like to hire IT professionals with such certifications:

  • Higher credibility: When a company hires certified IT experts, they can stay more assured about the credibility of their new employees. This means that there would be lower chances of firing the professional any time soon, resulting in a better retention rate.
  • Brand image: Hiring certified experts is excellent for the brand image of an enterprise. This way, a company can instill trust among its clients and business partners. Considering the importance of this for the employers, it is no wonder that they would hire such professionals. 
  • Higher productivity: Every company wants maximum productivity from its employees. A professional who has developed excellent skills and has a certificate to validate them would be more likely to deliver better results at work. 

All these factors have together contributed to great value for Oracle certifications. Completing an OCJP training course at one of the reputed online institutes like Koenig would indeed benefit you in the long run. You may consider checking out the various training courses on Oracle and enrol for those relevant to you.

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