3,50,000 cardiac arrest takes place every year outside of a hospital which is a huge number considering the damage or fatalities they can cause in a very short period. We can’t stop a heart attack from happening, but we can certainly take precautionary steps to mitigate it. So how can we do that? We can easily achieve this with the help of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Continue reading as below we will provide top 5 reasons to join our Brisbane’s lvr cpr training program:

1) Learn to save lives

One of the most important reasons to learn LVR CPR is that you can start saving lives. Even if you know the basics, it can prove to be more than enough to help a person circulate his blood until advanced tools are available or professional help arrives. If you don’t know CPR & if you come across a person facing cardiac arrest, you can hope that someone who knows CPR would help. But if you are trained, you can jump in yourself & provide vital help. Stats suggest that about 90 % of people die due to cardiac arrest outside of the hospital. So by getting certified, you can help them live!

2) Feeling confident during an emergency

People tend to panic during an emergency. You might have a little bit of understanding on how to perform CPR, but soon you will forget everything as soon as you come across a real person facing cardiac arrest. But when you get trained properly, Your body will automatically kick in when you see someone collapse or feel anxious.

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3) Easy to learn

You might be afraid to learn CPR as it is a life-saving procedure & you might also think it is hard to get the hang of. But you are wrong here! Yes, it is a life-saving procedure, but it is not rocket science. CPR includes chest compressions & even mouth to mouth sometimes, but if you aren’t comfortable with it, you can opt for hands-on CPR. While it can be helpful to give occasional breaths, it is better to do chest compressions than to do nothing.

4) Keeping the family safe

If you remember the fact mentioned above, about 3,50,000 cardiac arrests happening every year, then let us tell you that 7 out of 10 happen at home. Normally, older people & those who are unfit have higher chances of facing cardiac arrest; there are reports of children & healthy spouses facing cardiac arrest, which can happen to any family member. If you know CPR, you can save the lives of your loved ones by buying time for the arrival of the ambulance & taking them to the hospital.

5) Avoiding brain death

When a person is facing a cardiac arrest, their heart stops pumping blood which means that their body parts cannot receive the blood it needs. Your body will not function well if it doesn’t get the oxygen it needs present in your blood. The brain is one of that important organs. When a person suffers from cardiac arrest, their brain stops receiving oxygen causing cells to die & within 5 minutes, you might experience brain death. Brain death causes some of the parts in the brain to malfunction permanently. CPR can help to prolong the time to brain death.


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